You can now fit YogaFit Education into your life anytime, anywhere with YogaFit Webinars. 

Now you can learn more about YogaFit and yoga anywhere.  Our online education courses offer a variety of subjects to enhance your current practice or help you start one. Our online courses were created by a university professor and YogaFit Trainer with learners in mind. These courses allow you to customize your learning environment, enjoy a flexible schedule, and have the option to review the course materials repeatedly.  Please see individual webinar information below for ACE credits.  To receive the ACE code, please email upon completion of the webinar. 

Please note: You will register through and the links below. Once registered, the Bridge courses are located in a different portal than your YogaFit account:

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Available Courses:

Introduction to Yoga Foundations:  This is an introductory summary of YogaFit Level 1 that emphasizes the YogaFit 5 Key Elements and foundations of teaching a YogaFit style class. Click here for more information. Click here to register. ACE Credits: 0.30

Yoga for Golf and Tennis: Take your game to the next level by learning the basic biomechanics of tennis and golf, along with how to use yoga poses to enhance your performance. Our safe and effective sequencing will enhance all facets of your game. ACE Credits: 0.20

Yoga for Cyclists: According to, 58% of cyclists experience lower back pain from cycling and overuse.  Our Yoga for Cyclists online course will help you understand how yoga can complement your cycling through specific yoga postures and breathing techniques. This course also includes a yoga practice for cyclists to help alleviate back and hip pain.  ACE Credits: 0.20

YogaLean: In this online course, we have combined the latest nutrition and exercise science with yogic wisdom and principles to help promote a lean physique, strengthen your core, increase energy levels, and enhance your confidence. Enjoy breathing exercises that will fortify your immune system, as well as strategies for clearing clutter from your space and mind. This course also includes a YogaLean yoga practice designed with all of these benefits in mind. ACE Credits: 0.20

Yoga for the Pelvic Floor: This course is designed for anyone who wishes to improve their pelvic floor. We will explore the common conditions that are experienced in the pelvic region, the factors that may contribute to the conditions, and how to solve pelvic floor issues with yoga poses and breathwork. ACE Credits: 0.10

Yoga for a Healthy Back: In this course, we will learn general guidelines for dealing with common back issues, how meditation can be used to reset the pain response, and specific yoga postures and breathing techniques that are beneficial for a healthy back. ACE Credits: 0.20

Yoga 101: In this course, we will gain an introduction to yoga including the history of yoga, various aspects of yoga philosophy, and the Key Elements of the YogaFit® style; learn how to start a yoga practice and the answers to frequently asked questions, and participate in a number of yoga practices. ACE Credits: 0.20

Yoga for Personal Trainers:  This course is designed to increase the trainer’s toolbox to enhance the client experience and improve client registration and retention. Learn the benefits of yoga and how to safely integrate yoga into client sessions. ACE Credits: 0.20

**Please note: These courses do not replace any YogaFit Trainings toward RYT 200, RYT 300 or Specialty Tracks, however, they do offer Continuing Education for ACE.  In addition, you can utilize the courses for non-contact hours for Yoga Alliance.   These courses are meant to complement and supplement YogaFit's education.