You can now fit YogaFit Education into your life anytime, anywhere with YogaFit Online Education. 

We are pleased to present our new Introduction to Yoga Foundations online course! This is an introductory summary of YogaFit Level 1 that emphasizes the YogaFit 5 Key Elements and foundations of teaching a YogaFit style class.

This course is ideal for anyone who:

  • Wants to learn more about yoga and YogaFit

  • Wishes to deepen their personal practice and explore the different ways to customize for your yoga practice for your body’s changing needs

  • Is curious about the benefits of a yoga practice

  • Has considered learning to teach yoga, but isn't sure where to start

  • Needs to jump start their yoga knowledge so that they can pursue our Warriors programming

  • Has been away from YogaFit for a while

  • Is interested in the YogaFit Healthcare Program or one of our 100 hour Specialty Tracks, but has RYT 200 through another school

In this course, you can expect to:

  • Discover the foundation of the YogaFit Training system that allows for safe, effective yoga practice

  • Develop your communication skills through Transformation language practice

  • Gain skills to format a yoga class to ensure safety for all participants

  • Experience a master class taught by our YogaFit Trainers

  • Learn basic body mechanics and safety principles

Whatever your path, we are excited to provide this new opportunity for traditional learning.

Please note: This course does not replace YogaFit Level One for RYT 200 or any of the 100-hour specialty tracks. Level One must be attended in person to receive the Level One certificate of completion. You will receive $20 toward your Level One training registration. This course does not constitute a certification of any kind.

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