At YogaFit, we continue to provide training for teachers who are interested in creating classes that go beyond standard yoga forms to include aspects of modern fitness. YogaFit is accessible to people of all ages and body types, which has led to its overwhelming popularity in health clubs throughout the world. Our teaching methods, exercises, and innovative pose progressions have been embraced by people who have struggled with traditional yoga classes. YogaFit is an incredible tool for anyone who wants to gain physical strength and mental clarity.
We offer workshops and conferences throughout Canada, the United States, and Europe. You can find Canada yoga teacher training programs in Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto, Montreal, Halifax and other cities across the country. We offer a variety of classes for instructors ranging from basic entry level to highly specialized courses.
Our Level 1 Canada yoga teacher training workshops introduce you to the YogaFit program. They also give you the opportunity to master over 40 poses and modifications in a hands-on environment. You will also work on communication skills and progression models that allow you to easily teach and your students to quickly understand YogaFit methods.As you progress through the program, you will delve further into the physical, mental, and spiritual tenets of yoga.
At YogaFit, we provide teachers with skills that they cannot find elsewhere.Our program was created for the reality of the health club world.We believe that everyone should be able to practice yoga, and we feel as though traditional forms do not address the needs of the typical gym member.
To register for a Canadian YogaFit training YogaFit Canada Website, contact us at 1-855-607-YOGA (in Canada), or to learn more about the Canada yoga teacher training programs in your area.
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