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Family and Individual Mental Health and Wellness Sample Webinars

Webinar Title Webinar Description
Yoga for Anxiety

Learn how to use simple yoga postures and breathing to reduce stress and anxiety.

Mindfulness for Brain Health

Until recent advancements in brain imaging, we could only guess what happens in the dark skull that contains an important organ of our body. Learn simple but powerful Mindfulness practices for a healthier, better-connected brain that is more resilient.

Guided Imagery and Breath Practice for Creativity

The ancient yoga practices of pranayama (breathing practices) and Bhavana (guided Imagery) help us tap into our fullest creative potential regardless of our age or life experiences. Learn simple but powerful techniques that will help propel you both personally and professionally.

Yoga for Balancing Moods

Simple but effective, YogaFit tools to deal with depression, mood swings, and fatigue.

Survive vs. Thrive

(Neuroplasticity) S.I.F.T. (Senses, Images, Feelings, and Thoughts)- Helping children learn how to thrive in a stressful world.



(Hungry, Angry, Lonely, Tired) Emotional Intelligence + Mindful Discipline (Authoritative, Permissive, Authoritarian)-How best to guide children from a positive, non-judgmental standpoint.

Mind Sight

(Me, You, We Maps), Triune Brain + Hand-Model of the Brain, Vertical Brain Integration. A psychology model that applies to child development linked to trauma and how these tools and their understanding can help kids deal with Trauma. 

Communicating with Compassion

(Transformational Language), Mudras, Horizontal Brain Integration. Teaching compassionate, non-violent ways of communicating is a positive way to help transform how children deal with others.

Mind-Body Synergy Sample Webinars

Webinar Title Webinar Description
Introduction to Meditation

Everyone is talking about meditation, but how do we start? Learn how to add meditation to your exercise routine to leave your body and mind energized and rejuvenated.

Meditation and Mindfulness

Learn how to take your meditation practice deeper. We will introduce the mantra sound associated with each chakra energy center. Our seven chakras are associated with nerve plexi in our bodies. We will enjoy the power of mantra-based meditation and allow our minds to focus and clear.

Meditation: Tune into Your Inner Frequency

The next step on our meditation journey. The benefits of meditation are endless, from reducing stress, increasing energy and mental clarity, improving our immune systems and overall vitality. This webinar will be a split between theory and practice by taking time to break down the science behind HRV (heart rate variability) monitoring and how this allows us to tune in to our own inner frequency. We will learn to listen to our bodies in a deep and meaningful way. Our practice will guide us through a gentle moving meditation, adding in mantra-based (chanting) meditation and silent meditation, among others.

The Yoga of Love: Balancing the Heart Chakra

Offering each word and action from a place of acceptance and love and openly receiving all of life's gifts without expectations helps us achieve our highest potential. This webinar will combine meditation, journaling, and movement to balance and restore our heart chakra.

Restoring Health through Sound

Said to be the seed of all creation, sound has many restorative and healing benefits for the physical, subtle, and spiritual bodies. In this session, we will explore the use of sound through seed mantras (one syllable sounds) and various instruments, including singing bowls, chimes, bells, and tuning forks. This experience includes movement, music, and mindfulness and ends with a period of silence to rest the ears and allow the vibrations of sound to settle into our bodies.

Positive Body Parts

More exercise for the mind – discover ways to create a more positive outlook for all your body parts. Learn mantras, affirmations, and positive language.































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