Warrior Ambassador Program

Passionate About Our Warrior Program?

Do you want to share all of the great benefits of a trauma-sensitive yoga class to those who need it?

Help us bring YogaFit for Warriors: a powerful healing yoga to more people. Connect within your OWN communities, on behalf of YogaFit, to share this program with those to need it.

You can help us:

Become a YogaFit Warrior Ambassador.

Warriors Ambassadors are YogaFit team members who want more community agencies and organizations, and the individuals they serve, involved in our trauma informed yoga practice. 

Are you interested in becoming an Ambassador? 

To apply to become an Ambassdor, please send a current resume, training history, and brief outline about why you want to be involved. Please let us know any ideas you have on progressing our program and outreach programs. Please send this application to warrior@yogafit.com.

*In order to be considered, 200-RYT is an asset; 100-hr Warriors certificate must be completed or near complete*

Once accepted, we will work together to truly bring this program out into our communities to those who need it! 


  1. To be a YogaFit Warrior Ambassador, Trainees must send their current resume, training history and brief outline of why they want to be involved and ideas they have on progressing our programming further. YF Warrior Ambassador’s MUST be approved –  warrior@yogafit.com 
  2. Once approved, Ambassador’s will receive marketing brochures (in paper and pdf), a template for business cards, company letter head, examples of letter’s to facilities, basic power point presentation & a list of Warrior trained instructors in their area.
  3. Ambassador’s will be considered independent contractors and must sign a contract of non-disclosure 


Do I need my 100 Hour Warriors Certification to be a Warriors Ambassador? Do I need it to be a Teacher?

Ambassadors ARE NOT required to have their 100 Hr Warriors Certification. If you would like to begin sharing information about our Warriors Program at clinics, hospitals, facilities and organizations, you can do so RIGHT NOW!

Teachers ARE required to have completed their 100 Hr Warriors Certification. We will staff classes with the Warriors Program graduates from our database so be sure we have your most current information.

What are the required components for my 100 Hr Certification? Is Level 1 required?

  • Level 1 (Required for Teachers in the Ambassador Program)
  • YogaFit for Warriors
  • Healing Physical & Emotional Trauma>
  • Restorative Therapeutics
  • Mood Balancing
  • Warrior Kids
  • Yoga and Addiction (coming to Arlington, VA in Feb 2015)

Will there be more of the required Warriors Program training classes available in 2015? 

We are thrilled that so many of you have expressed interest in our 100 Hr Warriors Certification and have added these classes to most of our Mind Body Fitness Conferences throughout the rest of this year and in 2015.  Additionally, we are organizing a YogaFit for Warriors Conference to be held over Veterans Day weekend in Orlando, Florida next year.  Look for more detailed information in the coming weeks and months to register for this event

Be compensated generously by YogaFit for building this initiative!

Be compensated generously by karma!

Be awesome!

Deliver YogaFit for Warriors to our communities and the people who are most in need!

CONTACT: warrior@yogafit.com Intensives

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