Mission Statement:

YogaFit Healthcare Yoga Therapy

YogaFit Healthcare weaves the ancient wisdom and traditions of numerous yoga lineages and Ayurveda with modern science to educate, inspire, and train yoga therapists to skillfully assist and empower those they work with to take an active role in their healing, health, and wellness using yoga tools. YogaFit Healthcare’s vision is to prepare students to be modern-day yoga therapists working in integrative healthcare and wellness environments with groups and individuals.

We Believe:

  • Yoga therapy is the process of empowering individuals to progress toward improved health and well-being through the application of the teachings and practices of yoga.
  • Yoga therapy is an ancient healing art that is reinforced by modern biomedical peer-reviewed research and evidence-informed practices.
  • Students are the focus of what we do and why we exist.
  • An open-minded approach, drawing from multiple lineages, ensures that our students are equipped to understand a variety of applications of the tools and techniques found in the yoga tradition.
  • A foundational belief in yoga for all bodies gives students the skill sets to work with a wide range of people from diverse backgrounds.
  • Healing comes from turning inward and the education of the yoga therapist must include self-reflection and evaluation, as well extensive training in the science and practical application of ancient yogic and Ayurvedic teachings.
  • Diversity enriches the human experience.
  • The therapeutic relationship between the client/student and the therapist is important to set the stage for healing and transformation.
  • The YogaFit Essence guides and informs all of our teachings:
    • Breathing, feeling, listening to the body.
    • Letting go of expectations, judgements, and competition.
    • Staying in the present moment
  • In providing a structure that allows students to move through the program at a pace that encourages integration and in-depth understanding of concepts and tools while maintaining a healthy balance in their personal life.

Industry Recognition

YogaFit Healthcare is accredited by the Accreditation Committee of the International Association of Yoga Therapists. For more information, contact: www.iayt.org.


Requirements for Application & Admissions

Additional Required documents are noted in parentheses:

  • Completion of RYT 200 (copy of Yoga Alliance Certificate for RYT 200)
  • A minimum of one-year Personal Practice of Yoga
  • Actively leading yoga classes (group/ private) with one year of teaching experience 
  • Completed Application Form (online) for YogaFit for Healthcare Program 
  • Active Member of the Yoga Alliance is strongly encouraged but not required (copy of card or membership number)
  • Strongly encouraged, but not required to be a member of the International Association of Yoga Therapy (copy of card or membership number, if applicable)
  • $300 Application/ Mentoring Fee ($150 non-refundable)

Application Process

To apply for the YogaFit Healthcare program please click here for the enrollment form. There is the option to save the form as you go on the bottom right section of it. 

Program Structure

Program/ Course Requirements:


945 Hour Program: 

  • 624 residential hours
  • 16 distance learning hours
  • 305 hour practicum, including 230 practicum delivery hours/75 practicum documentation and mentoring 

Minimum Length: 

3 years (36 months); We expect the average student to complete the program in 4-5 years. The practicum itself is 12-18 months to allow time to work with at least 20 individual clients. 

The program is divided into three stages and three themed modules. 

Stage 1: Coursework (One to four-day residential trainings)

Stage 2: Integrative Intensives (Five-day residential trainings)

Stage 3 Practicum

Required Courses

(The majority of our courses can also be taken virtually, live via zoom. Type online in the title box to search for upcoming virtual trainings or search here

Module I: Foundations Coursework

Module II: Mental Health and Trauma Informed Focus Coursework

Module III: Chronic/Lifestyle Disease Focus Coursework

Where Do I Start?

We recommend starting with the foundational courses. However, course work can be completed in any order as long the required prerequisites for each individual course are satisfied. The Integrative Intensives must be completed in the following order:

  1. Foundational

  2. Mental health and Trauma

  3. Chronic/ Lifestyle Disease

The required coursework for each module must be completed before the intensives. YogaFit’s coursework is open to anyone that is interested in taking the course as long as they have the required prerequisites for that particular course. The Integrative Intensives are only open to enrolled yoga therapy students and are on rolling admissions. Since classes have specific prerequisites, students must have foundational knowledge to take a course. The YogaFit Healthcare Yoga Therapy curriculum pacing and material covered is designed for the dedicated Yoga Therapy student and the faculty member teaches to that level. Students that wish to study in the program need to fulfill their prerequisites before taking a desired course.

Course Venue

YogaFit Healthcare is a student-centered yoga therapy program offered in a way to be accessible to those desiring to study and continue on with their lives and responsibilities. Courses are delivered in both residential and distance learning capacities. The residential courses are in a variety of locations around the country. Courses and intensives are held within the YogaFit Mind Body Fitness Conferences (five-day immersive experiences), which are scheduled 9-10 times each year in different cities to accommodate students living in a number of regions. These are scheduled 12-18 months in advance so students can plan ahead.  At each event, several yoga therapy courses are available. Students can connect with their own cohort and overlap with other classes. These community-focused events also offer opportunities for cohorts to collaborate and to meet with mentors and other yoga therapy faculty. Some of the locations change each year and some we have been holding in those locations for several years. We offer courses in a strategic manner on the west coast, east coast and the central part of the country in staying with our value of being a student-centered company.

Tuition and Fees/ Exchange of Services

YogaFIit Healthcare charges students in a pay as you go format. Students pay for the individual courses and intensives as they take them. Please see the student handbook for the complete schedule of fees for YogaFit Healthcare program. Travel and lodging are not included in the schedule of fees and are the full responsibility of the student.


Upon successful completion of application and admission into the program, each student will be assigned a mentor. The mentor (a faculty member), will act as a guide and primary contact throughout the duration of the program.  The mentor will maintain regular contact with the student, and the student will be expected to maintain contact with the assigned mentor. 


Program Directors:

Kristy Manuel, C-IAYT kristy@yogafit.com

Felicia Tomasko, C-IAYT



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