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YogaLean Volume 1Item number: DVD_19

Price: $15.00

Lose weight naturally using yoga principles. Learn to develop Lean Consciousness, the YogaLean program is designed to work from the inside out, emphasizing the yogic practices of breathing, meditation and mindfulness. This exciting work out features two segments – Energizing to stimulate metabolism and burn fat. The restorative segment activates the relaxation response and lowers cortisol levels.

YogaLean is an exciting and transformational workout using the YogaFit Principles of: The Three Mountain Format; Warm-Up, Work & Deep Stretching; the Seven Principles of Alignment keeping you SAFE; and the YogaFit Essence of Breathing, Feeling, Listening to your Body, Letting go of Competition, Expectations, Judgments and Staying Present.

YogaLean Energizing: Stimulating metabolism, increasing energy and circulation (40 min.)

YogaLean Relaxation: Activating the relaxation response and reducing cortisol from stress. (20 min.)

Using YogaFit Principles leads to improved mental acuity, health and physical fitness. The YogaFit style overcomes the mystery of yoga by delivering a practical, user-friendly style that is accessible, and fun.

Benefits include:

  • Weight loss
  • Feeling good in and about your body
  • Increased strength and energy
  • Improved mental functioning
  • Lower stress levels

Bonus Restorative Yoga Segment Learn great tips on how to incorporate the YogaFit® Egg Blocks into your classes or personal practice. Use the YogaFit® Egg Blocks for wrist, back, and core support; to reduce stress; induce the relaxation response; heal your back; and lower cortisol levels. The YogaFit® Egg Blocks are the ultimate prop to replace traditional blocks, bolsters and wedges.

Bonus Restorative Yoga Segment running time: 15 min.

YogaLean running time: 60 min.

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