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YogaFit Level 4Item number: DVD_14

Price: $15.95

This Level 4 Training DVD is packed with expansive information, giving you tools to advance your yoga practice, body, mind and spirit. A beautifully choreographed, one hour Master Class is taught incorporating the many layers of Level 4. Also on the dvd are segments presented on topics such as; mudras, mantra, The Bhagavad Gita, Philosophy of the Yoga Sutras, chanting and the unforgettable Gita Rap by Kathy DeKramer. Take your practice to the next Level with advanced poses, creative flows and the essence of traditional yoga with the safe and fun YogaFit twist. Join YogaFit Senior Master Trainers in a journey of the Mind, Body & Spirit of Level Four. Discover a deeper connection to your yoga practice. Integrate the new with the old and have fun with your practice as it gains intensity. 

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