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YogaFit for MenItem number: DVD_22

Price: $15.00

Designed with an understanding of fitness needs specific to men, YogaFitness for Men will help you achieve your best physical form and optimal health.  A few benefits to expect from practicing yoga may be: improvements in back health, stress relief, increase in core strength, flexibility and energy, and improvement in circulation.  

Instructed in a clear, user-friendly format by YogaFit Master Trainer Brett Barnes.   YogaFitness for Men is a safe yet challenging routine for men of all fitness levels and body types.  This video is a perfect introduction for men who haven’t experienced yoga yet.  Whether you seek to gain an athletic edge or clear your mind of distractions, Yogafitness for Men is a simple and effective routine created just for you.  

Bonus Feature include: Men’s Core Control and Healthy Men’s Back 

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