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YogaAbs 2Item number: DVD_02

Price: $15.00

All new and revitalized YogaFit® Abs workout featuring: the YogaFit Three Mountain Format, Seven Principles of Alignment and the YogaFit Essence. Tighten, tone and firm up your core from every angle. Trim your waistline, hips and mid-torso. YogaFit founder Beth Shaw creates a super-effective, efficient and FUN strategy with core class that keeps you moving with encouragement. The use of the revolutionary YogaCore® ball throughout the practice ensures optimal strength and focus in every pose. Enhance your personal practice with this intense abdominal-inspired practice and share these unique moves with your classes.

Benefits include:

  • Create a stronger midsection
  • Improve Self-esteem and confidence
  • Better posture
  • Reduce back pain and stabilize the spine
  • Develop a solid yoga foundation
  • Improve powers of concentration and focus


YogaFit® Abs running time: 55 min.

Bonus Restorative Yoga Segment running time: 15 min.

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