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Mind Body Recovery Specialty Track Manual BundleItem number: RecoveryManuals

Price: $49.95

Addiction in its many forms in a huge societal issue. Learn how to use yoga and mind-body tools to assist yourself and others in achieving a healthier lifestyle. This program is designed to enable you to discover and recognize patterns of being stuck-physically, mentally, and on spiritual levels. Explore tools for yourself, your clients and those struggling with addiction. This program enables you to implement plans for overcoming unhealthy unhelpful habits.  Take a deeper look into the underlying issues that lead to the need for recovery, create a future-focused plan based on the ancient wisdom of yoga and Ayurveda. In this specialty track, you can learn how to awaken the inner physician as ancient teachings meet modern coaching for ongoing support.

Manual Bundle will include: 

  • Yoga for Emotional and Physical Trauma
  • Yoga for Addiction and Recovery
  • YogaFit for Balancing Moods
  • Recovery Coaching Essentials
  • YogaFit CD

**Please note that there may be delayed shipping for manuals that are not currently in stock and need to be printed separately. 

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