Curious about CryoTherapy?

Curious about CryoTherapy?

by Beth Shaw | 8/09/2017


The term CryoTherapy means the localized or general use of cold temperatures in therapy.  Whole body cryotherapy originated in Japan in the 1970s as a natural therapy for alleviating the pain associated with rheumatoid arthritis. The freezing cold air was found to rapidly reduce pain and inflammation by decreasing the skin’s external temperature, causing an influx of endorphins (your body’s natural painkillers) to be released. Cryotherapy is able to reduce the pain related to other inflammatory conditions.


Today, cryo chambers are now used for this sub-zero treatment and they are popping up everywhere. Cryotherapy or CRYO “reduces pain by causing an influx of feel-good endorphins to be released and many people, especially athletes, who swear by its pain-relieving and injury healing benefits.


Upon arrival I was set up with gloves, headband, facial mask, socks, and rubber footwear to keep “warm.”


Minimal clothing is supposed to be worn to maximize the skin’s exposure to the cold, typically you are given a robe and then take it off once you are in the chamber.


NOTE - take care to make sure all body parts and clothing are dry to avoid injuries from moisture freezing (aka frostbite).


I have to say I was hooked right away, I have been using cryotherapy for a few months now. My most noticeable effect was the huge surge I got in endorphins. I was literally high after two minutes in the chamber. Being the extremist that I am – I wanted to do the FULL three minutes in the chamber at the coldest temperature. Some people like to stand still but I prefer to dance, jog in place and move about.


I go to Advanced Cryo NYC --  I love this center because it is run by two doctors and they are very cautious to follow protocol- there is always an attendant in the room with me. They also do amazing vitamin shots and IV drips with things like CQ10, Vitamin B, C and Amino Acids. While many Cryo centers are opening up – I believe it’s important to know the quality of the management and the attendants. I typically do cryo three times a week. It wakes me up, helps me sleep better, and recover quicker after a run or a workout - I feel rejuvenated.

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