Meet Shaye, Our Warrior

Meet Shaye, Our Warrior

by Shaye Molendyke | 28/12/2015

We are all so excited to roll out our Buy One, Give One initiative this year as a way of giving back to our servicemen and women. For every YogaFit® Level 1 certification sold this year, we will be donating one YogaFit® for Warriors training to someone in need of healing. YogaFit® for Warriors is a unique Yoga certification program developed specifically to help those with stored trauma help themselves. We are also looking forward to our 2016 Warriors Mind Body Fitness Conference taking place on September 4-8th in Florida. We're especially thrilled to announce our brand NEW 100 hour Warrior Kids Program launching at this year's Warriors MBF focussing on how to use Yoga to help children who have experienced or are coping with trauma in their lives. As you can see, the Warriors program holds a very special place in our hearts.


That is especially true for co-creator of the YogaFit® for Warriors Program and Trainer, our very own Shaye Molendyke. Read on and prepare to be inspired by her incredible story.


“I truly believe YogaFit® saved my spiritual and emotional life.”


Q: Tell us about your Military background.


I've been in the Air Force for 23 years serving 10 years on Active Duty and 13 in the Reserves now. My father and stepfather both served in the military full time and my mother served a civilian for the DOD so it was natural for me to join the military. I went through ROTC in college and started travelling the world. I was on Active Duty when 9-11 happened and as a Logistics Planner in the military I helped support the planning efforts for both the Afghanistan and Iraq Wars. It's hard to believe those same wars are still going on after all this time which is part of the reason I am so passionate about helping the thousands of veterans who suffer from PTSD both past and present.


Q: What led you to YogaFit®?


I had just returned from my tour in Germany in 2003 where I had been practicing yoga on my own and met a lovely teacher who had been trained through YogaFit®. She highly recommended the teacher training and so I attended the first Level1 I could get to. I got my 200 hr in 2006 and continued taking courses towards my 500 hr and eventually applied for the apprentice program in 2009. I truly believe YogaFit® saved my spiritual and emotional life. The Essence of YogaFit® and Transformational Language taught in Level 1 are not given enough credit for how powerful they are. Those two things, the belief change and the verbiage that goes with it, really do create change at both the cellular and energetic levels. I am a different person than I was and am so excited for the continued evolution in not only myself but in everyone at YogaFit®. We are pulling each other along!


“I believe we are at a critical moment in history and we all have a choice to make on whether we will perpetuate fear or love.”


Q: What were your goals/aspirations for the YogaFit® for Warriors Program?


To really help those who are suffering in my military family. Not just the military members but also their spouses and children. The ripple effects through history will be enormous if we don't. No one has to suffer with PTSD anymore - we are in a place to help so many people through YogaFit®'s teachings and programs. The Essence of YogaFit® and Transformational Language really do create change at the cellular and energetic levels. It is no surprise that not just the military but first responders and so many other people (the majority in fact!) have suffered through some kind of emotional or physical trauma in their life, and this program helps everyone who is suffering heal. We don't talk about the worst forms of trauma, neglect and disconnection. When people feel neglected , disconnected and discarded they will do anything to relieve their misery including inflicting misery on others. I believe we are at a critical moment in history and we all have a choice to make on whether we will perpetuate fear or love. My YogaFit® family gives me strength to stand firmly on the side of love.


“I literally saw her transform overnight into this beautiful and soulful teacher who now helps countless others.”


Q: What are some stories you can share where you witnessed a transformation before your eyes?


There are so many stories it's hard to pick one. But my favorite story is a woman in her 60's who had seen horrific abuse as a child and then consequently a stream of unending traumas in her life in adulthood. Her story is so inspiring to me as she walked into my Yoga class just a few short years ago at the YMCA. She immediately found a connection to Yoga and my YogaFit®style of teaching. She asked me if she was too old to teach yoga and I said no, of course not. She started taking workshops immediately and now has her 200 hr, 500 hr and warriors certifications. I literally saw her transform overnight into this beautiful and soulful teacher who now helps countless others to include car accident and stroke victims. I cry every time I see her from happiness.


Q: What keeps you motivated to keep growing and changing?


Being able to do what I love is a gift that I thank God for everyday. It is indeed, "The Change Business.” I can’t just talk the talk, I have to walk the walk too. To be able to connect in a meaningful way to so many people and feel their love in return is my medicine and I know it is the medicine that will heal this world.


Join Shaye and the YogaFit®  family at 2016 Warriors Mind Body Fitness on September 4-8th in Florida — register today before space runs out!


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