Beth Shaw's 25 Minute Workout

Beth Shaw's 25 Minute Workout

by Manny Guerrero | 21/07/2015

This morning, I had the privilege of linking up with mind body fitness expert Beth Shaw for a highly educational, intensely toning, and best of, all super quick gym session.


Shaw, the president and founder of YogaFit Inc, the world’s largest yoga school, is constantly busy giving lectures, attending conferences, and conducting wellness projects on both coasts of the country. But despite her packed schedule, she always finds time to stay incredibly fit.


“I’m in the business of transforming lives,” she explains, “and staying healthy and fit is part of how I inspire others to become passionate about developing their optimal health.” With so much on her plate, it’s hard to imagine how Beth manages to fit daily workouts into her schedule. Today, she showed me her secret, and wants to share this routine with as many people as possible!


“The 25 Minute Workout is a short but challenging and very effective workout that strengthens and tones while boosting growth hormone, bone density, and muscle tone,” Beth explains. “It’s perfect for anyone who’s pressed for time, or for people who don’t like to spend tons of time at the gym.”


This exercise sequence, personally designed by Beth, uses 12 movements to get the heart rate up and burn calories while also training the core, lower body, and upper body for strength and stability.


To economize time, the sequence is designed so that two different exercises are done on every machine. That way, we get less strolling around the gym, and more real work! “This is a no excuses, all-in-one workout that virtually everybody can find time for. It’s fun, it’s quick, and it really works!”


Here’s the breakdown:


The 25-Minute Workout


1. Leg press / Calf press


Begin on the leg press machine with a straight back and legs bent into the torso. Leg press for 12 reps, bending legs deeply for maximum result.


Fully extend leg press and situate the balls of your feet on the edge of the flat area. Point and flex toes for calf press 12 reps.

2. Chest press / Abdominals lift


Using the bench for an ab workout after your chest reps saves time, and give your muscle groups a rest by alternating between workouts.


3. Lat Pull down / Lat pull down underhand close grip


Grab bar with hands wider than shoulder width, palms facing away from you. Pull bar down to your chest, keeping the back straight and the chest lifted. 12 reps.


Release bar and reposition grip with palms facing toward you. Pull bar down to chest level for 12 reps.


4. Biceps with Bosu squats


Position yourself to stand on the rounded end of a Bosu (inflatable semi dome platform) with feet hip width. Do 12 bicep curls with free weights. Holding weights, do 12 squats, bending legs to a 90-degree angle and keeping shins in line with ankles. Alternate.


5. Abdominal rows / Triceps core


6. Tricep dips / Core with weight long


Cool down with five minutes of yoga, and you’re done! If you’ve done it the way that Beth showed me, you’ll have sweat your way to a healthier, stronger, leaner body in just under 25 minutes!


Beth is so excited about this fun and effective workout that she has included it as part of her personalized training program for Nicole Bradley’s YogaLean Transformational Journey! To see the 25-Minute Workout in action, follow Nicole’s journey on YouTube, Facebook, and!


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