February Students of the Month!

February Students of the Month!

by YogaFit | 22/01/2018

Jessica and Katy are a dynamic mother-daughter duo that meet up all over the country for YogaFit trainings. At our recent Palm Springs MBF we interviewed these two yogis...


Q: Introduce yourselves. Who are you? Where do you live? Is teaching yoga your fulltime job? If not, what is? Do you have your 200-hour or more?


Katy: I’m Katy (Fredrick) Stanfield, the daughter of the duo. I am currently living in Birmingham, AL with my husband and puppy. I am teaching yoga full time, as well as a few Pilates and ballet classes. I finished my 200-hours in 2014. Currently, I am working towards my 500 hour and chipping away at the Therapy program.


Jessica: I’m Jessica, Katy’s mom. I live in Memphis. Yes, I teach yoga full time, recently I received my 500 hour RYT. I am now working toward Therapy.


Q: When did you start practicing Yoga?


Jessica: I started teaching yoga in 2002 after taking Level 1. I had taken several classes before and really enjoyed it.


Katy: I’m pretty sure the first yoga class I ever took was taught by my mom after she completed her Level 1 training. She was doing her community service hours at a community center in our neighborhood, I was fourteen-ish and very focused on becoming a professional ballet dancer. My real love for yoga came from the two of us playing with different yoga poses in our living room.


Q: Who started their YogaFit journey first?


Katy: My mom took her Level 1 when I was a freshman in high school and slowly acquired her 200 hours. She just recently hit 500 last year in Santa Fe, NM.


Jessica: I began my journey when Katy was still in high school.



Q: How did you discover YogaFit?


Katy: My mom, of course : )


Jessica: YogaFit came to Memphis and I decided to do the training. It was with Sandi!!



Q: When did you attend your first MBF together?


Katy: In 2012, I was dancing full time with Madison Ballet and we always got a little break after our Nutcracker run, so my mom convinced me to come along with her to a MBF in Long Beach, CA. That California sunshine sounded really tempting after a Midwestern winter… I took Level 1 and Kids while she took something else. I instantly understood why my mom disappeared to so many trainings throughout the years! I was immediately hooked and asking where we were going next. It was also really helpful having my mom there; she even calmed me down when my over-achiever personality came out while trying to complete my first night’s homework! Haha!


Q: Has traveling to yoga trainings brought your relationship closer?


Katy: YES! We look forward to those weekends together SO much. Especially because we haven’t lived in the same city for over 10 years. For many of those years, I was very far away from home. At most of the MBFs we end up attending separate trainings. At one point we accidently sat back to back on one of those conference room dividing walls and could hear each other in our separate classes. We recently took our first training together last April, hope we didn’t cause too much trouble : )  Not going to lie, a lot of the time we just look at the YogaFit calendar and decide on MBFs depending on their locations… we always go to the California conferences because we can visit family while we’re there.  Or if there’s somewhere fun we’ve never been, which is why we ended up in Santa Fe last spring!


Jessica: I learned she had discovered a love for Yoga as much as I do. We have always been close and I was thrilled this was something we could do together. I would truly recommend this for any mother/daughter duos.


Q: What have you learned about each other during this journey?


Katy: I have always admired my mom and have wanted to follow in her footsteps. As I’ve been teaching yoga more, I’ve noticed how much I’m like my mother. I even sound like her when I teach… Which I’m completely fine with : )


Jessica: It has been a great journey to do this with my daughter. I am grateful her husband is open to our trips away.



Q: Would you recommend this to other mother/daughter duos?


Katy: Definitely! It’s so much fun to share this experience with my mom and travel all over the country with her. It also saves us a lot of money because we share all of our books and hotel rooms!


Q: Where was your most recent adventure together?


Palm Springs in January! It’s our favorite! We love that beautiful hotel and our LA family always drives down for a night. I took Ayurveda, which my mom loved when she took it a couple years ago.


Q: Do you plan to go on our upcoming 2018 India trip? Or have you in the past?


Katy: We’ve always talked about going but it hasn’t happened yet… My mom is a very picky eater and I’m not sure if she’ll make it without her daily peanut butter and bagels. Haha! But that would be and amazing adventure to share with her.


Jessica: We would love to do an India trip together. We'll just have to see where our journey takes us.


Q: Anything else?


Katy: I’m so incredibly grateful for YogaFit. I love that I can call my mom anytime and ask her a question about yoga. And yes, I’m 30 years old and I still call my mom at least once (usually twice) a day…

And anytime I am having a rough time, either mentally or physically, my mom has a yoga solution for it. If I call her with a problem, then I get oils and crystals in the mail a week later. 


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