Protect the Places You Love

Protect the Places You Love

by Sunta Sem | 17/08/2016

“Adopt the pace of nature. Her secret is patience.” Ralph Waldo Emerson


This is a guest post from our friend (and YogaFit alum) at Pela, makers of an eco-friendly phone cases made with plants instead of oil-based plastic.


If you could choose to practice and/or teach yoga, where would you choose?


As much as I love the classroom, my favorite place to practice my tree pose is coincidentally amongst the trees. There is just nothing quite like outdoor yoga. Whether on a paddleboard on a pristine lake or with your toes in the sand taking in the ocean air, there is a bond between yoga and nature that is undeniable.


One of my favorite memories this summer was practicing yoga beneath a canopy of trees at a quiet cottage with a group of friends. I can remember being on my mat and staring at the blue sky between the leaves and just feeling pure gratitude for such a beautiful day. What I was feeling in that moment was the joy of being present and a deep connection with the environment.



At Pela, our love for nature runs deep. Our mission is to make eco-friendly, sustainable products the new normal and we believe that small, conscious choices can add up to make a huge impact. We know this is as true for our yoga practice as it is for living a good life.


Where are some of the outdoor places you love to practice your sun salutations, mountain or tree poses? Feel free to share your photos on Facebook or Instagram and use the tags #protecttheplacesyoulove and #believeinbetter so we can see! We know these hastags alone won’t fix things but we hope the message will inspire people to make choices with the environment in mind.


Thank you to YogaFit for the opportunity to contribute our story and share our message. If you’re interested in one of Pela’s eco-friendly phone cases, please use YOGAFIT15 at checkout for 15% off at the Pela journey at or

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