Dania's YogaFit Story #IAMYOGAFIT

Dania's YogaFit Story #IAMYOGAFIT

by Dania | 30/03/2016

Our Mission: Sharing the stories of our amazing YogaFit® Alumni with the world.


Meet Dania, our very first I AM YOGAFIT participant. Thank you so much Dania for letting us get to know you better. 


What is your day job? Yoga & Pilates Instructor


Your morning must-have? I must have my morning french press...times 2!!!


Your Favorite YogaFit® Training?  This is a tough question because all of the Master Trainers thus far have been so wonderful in guiding and empowering my yoga training.  Level 4 with Kristin Mabry and Aimee Marshall was the most spiritual.  I am lucky that everyone who has trained me has not only been a FIVE star trainer, but a wonderful resource afterwards.


The Title of Your Biography? I Love People & Animals (And I Cannot Help It!)


Why YogaFit®?  Looking back I can only say that YogaFit® was the only company that suited my needs for training. I love that we are able to train with people all over the country and Canada. I also believe that having different trainers enriches our learning.  If I had gone to a regular yoga studio to do my 200 hours RYT, I think my growth would not be the same.



Dania's Story - In Her Own Words


"I have never been more fulfilled in my life than through teaching yoga to others. It trumps all my past careers."


What brought Dania to her mat

I have always loved yoga, but the peace and meditation brought me here first. I wanted to truly come back to living in the moment and yoga is something that promotes that. WIth the help of yoga it has been more achievable, even in the busy life we are all living. 

Discovering YogaFit®

A friend at the time mentioned YogaFit® to me so I decided to check it out. When I looked at all the trainings offered and how I could pick and choose some of my own trainings, I was convinced. I love that you can learn at your own pace. 


My favorite YogaFit® memory so far was my Level 1 retrain with Fred Hoffmann and our hilarious skits. Very entertaining across the board and hard to forget!


Although I love all the yoga trainings I have gone through, Level 4 was the one that taught me the most about myself.

The Impact of Yoga Teacher Training

My life has changed through this entire yoga experience.  I am so honored to be a part of a wonderful group of inspiring yogis! I live in the moment more. I breathe deeper each day. I started meditating with my 7 year old daughter every night. My husband and I do breathing exercises together. As far as the personal connection, it is truly beautiful. The learning element is so humbling and I cannot put it into words, except to say I have never been more fulfilled in my life through teaching yoga to others. It trumps all my past careers.

Looking Forward to What's Next

I hope to have achieved my 200 hr RYT by this summer/fall  and then I want to go on to pursue my 500 HR RYT. I am eager to also see if becoming a master trainer is something in my future. The idea of teaching others a gift like yoga is very intriguing at this point in my life. I hope to teach yoga to others way into my very elderly years!

Dania's Favorite Cue:

During shavasana: “As we try to clear our minds from our day to day thoughts, trying to focus on listening to our bodies and connecting with our breath, if thoughts come to your mind, accept and love them as they are a part of you, and remember that just like every yoga pose, shavasana is also a journey….one day those thoughts will be there, but in a quieter format in your mind.”



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