Affirmation Card Activity for a YogaFit Kids Class

Affirmation Card Activity for a YogaFit Kids Class

by Amanda Wolfson | 30/11/2017

Let's face it, teaching yoga to children is challenging. Originally, I thought I would walk in and we would all just ‘do yoga’. Lovin’ Beth Shaw wrote when she autographed my YogaFit Level 1 training manual. I realized, that I needed help (I strive to improve myself) so I posted in the YogaFit -- Official Facebook Group asking for suggestions. Thinking “I never give up” and ‘I can achieve anything’. I decided to make these affirmation cards.

Using index cards and markers, I believed they would turn out just as they are supposed to (I am talented and gifted) therefore, I can enjoy the process. The spelling was not correct on one card but it didn’t matter, I can come back to it later. (I am successful.) I created the cards bit by bit and then laid them out at home a few times to reflect on them. They were lovely to look at and reading them began to create a change in myself. (I am grateful.) Last night I used ‘I am honest and trustworthy’ and ‘I am capable’ to get myself excited for the class. Having already packed the affirmations and kids asana cards, I walked over to class while practicing breathing. I began to noticed how light and willing I was now feeling.



The girls ages 5 to 11 arrived at 6pm. Feeling ‘capable’ I asked them to carefully lay the cards out on the floor. Juliet said “Amanda you are a good artist”. It’s funny when ‘I feel confident’, things start to flow!  I explained that these are affirmation cards and that during class today, we are each going to make our own. Then we will practice breath work and teach each other partner poses. I think the coloring helped them become ‘calm, relaxed and peaceful’. I started by asking, “What is an affirmation?”  We talked a bit and came to the conclusion that it is ‘something positive that makes us feel healthy’.

A few girls made up their own affirmations such as: “ I am intelligent 🤓“ “me = happy” Savannah copied the written affirmation from my cards. I had brought in some cut up rectangular pieces of zen coloring pages and fine colored markers. One by one they took turns choosing a card and started coloring. I smiled. Something is happening here. (I believe in my dreams)


Rachel asked “what does strive mean?” She wrote “I try to become better and better”. I love that she was so interested and made the affirmation to fit her understanding. The same as we fit the pose to the body in YogaFit. Esther asked if she could finish her card at home and use it as a bookmark.


Once the girls were finished and all the cards were displayed on the window-sill, we moved on to our breath practice. We used three of the kids deck cards (colour rest, light rest & all over rest) then I instructed the girls to split into groups to first teach each other, and then teach the class, just like we do in a our YogaFit trainings. After the practices we shared how each kind of breath meditation made us feel, such as energized or sleepy. Finally, we practiced partner bridge, partner squat and lizard on a rock incorporating our breath to assist in holding the pose. (I am successful). We closed our class in a circle of tree poses, each sharing what kind of tree we were. Our trees came to a sitting share circle with under/over hands. Leaving us feeling “grateful, happy and blessed.”


Namaste, Amanda Wolfson

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