Meet Jennifer, YogaFit Trainee

Meet Jennifer, YogaFit Trainee

by Jennifer Mumford | 1/11/2015

​We are so proud of our Yogafit family, we started this SPOTLIGHT SERIES so you can get to know a few of them a little better. Thank you Jennifer for being our first spotlight.



Q: Do you remember when and where you  were when you took your first yoga class?  

One of my first yoga classes was at my local community college in 1998. As a mom of two  toddlers and working full time, I cherished yoga  class as "me  time.” And my family appreciated my improved mood when I got home!


Q: How has yoga changed your life?

I immediately fell in love with the practice and wanted to share that love with others. I am now blessed to be teaching for the same community college, and my teacher later became my student. I teach at a local senior center with students ranging in age from 50 to 98. 


The gratitude and appreciation I receive from my students is overwhelming. Yoga is my way of getting through each day. Some days yoga is a celebration of body and breath, some days it is a struggle to find that connection. The practice has helped me deal with grief and loss, anger and illness. I know that no matter what, yoga will be there for me. 


Q: Best teaching moment? 

My best teaching moments happen almost daily—when students tell me how much yoga has improved their lives. They tell me they able to do physical tasks easier, that their balance and posture has improved, and they are better able to manage stress.


Q: What do you love to share about yoga?

I love to share that even though our bodies change from day to day, yoga meets you where you are today. That just by moving and breathing our physical and emotional bodies can change for the better. I tell my students that my job as an instructor is to help you feel better leaving class than when you came in.


Q: What is your favorite YogaFit® moment?

​ My favorite moment with YogaFit was in my Level 1 training, when everything just clicked. With the essence of YogaFit and all the positive people surrounding me—I knew I was right where I should be.


Jennifer Mumford 200 E-RYT (close to 500!)


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