Shaye's Pick | Thoughts about Resilience

Shaye's Pick | Thoughts about Resilience

by Shaye Molendyke | 2/05/2016

Recently I listened to a great podcast titled "Resiliency Trumps Happiness" that made me stop and think a little —just a little ;).


It dawned on me after listening to it that yoga and meditation don't necessarily MAKE us happy but they do make us more resilient. Resiliency is really the key as it allows us to come back from a setback in our lives or even perceive it differently which in turn produces feelings of accomplishment and yes, even feelings of being happy.


This article from Psychology Today takes it a step further and says resiliency trumps resistance and I agree. As we say, "what you resist persists."



The economy has caused financial hardship for so many people that the suicide rate among middle-aged men has skyrocketed. I understand how difficult things can get. Over the past decade, between my divorce and the recession, I’ve suffered numerous emotional and financial setbacks. Many times I’ve had to dig deep to find the motivation to keep going. The trick is knowing how to bounce back. As an unknown author once observed, “The bend in the road is not the end of the road unless you refuse to take the turn.” The good news is that resilience can be learned.

{FULL ARTICLE} Psychology Today: Resilience Trumps Resistance


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