YogaLean Retreat: Detox the Smart Way

YogaLean Retreat: Detox the Smart Way

by Beth Shaw | 1/05/2016

Are you getting ready for summer and finding that you need to jumpstart your workouts, meditation and rethink your food choices?


From time to time, our bodies need a break—a fresh start to give us more energy and embark upon a healthier path.




Our YogaLean Retreat in Pacific Grove, California (May 20-22) includes a 3-day Detox Program for those who wish to get ready for the summer in a safe and energetic way, guided by yoga professionals in a serene and natural environment.


Let Beth Shaw and the YogaLean team provide you with a personalized consultation that acknowledges the fact that each person is unique. That means each participant may require different types of recommended workouts with consideration to their respective lifestyles. We do not believe that there are one-size-fits-all solutions and that's why YogaLean Programs are dependent on one’s body type, constitution, lifestyle and diet.



Ansilomar is located in a beautiful environment that offers the perfect space for rejuvenation and restoration. The sounds of the ocean and nature provides a calm ambiance and helps to alleviate stress.


Join us for invigorating beach runs, yoga, bonfires, Full Moon Celebration and personal coaching in the most beautiful location in Northern California. 



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