Lifelong friendships are born at YogaFit!

Lifelong friendships are born at YogaFit!

by YogaFit | 31/10/2017

Lifelong friendships are born at YogaFit trainings, retreats and Mind Body Fitness Conferences!


It is not surprising that after spending days of meaningful conversation, learning and personal growth, that friendships blossom -- perhaps we should change our MBF acronym to mean Mind Body Friendship.


During our recent Arlington MBF, we met a few friend duo’s that were introduced during a YogaFit  morning share circle and found an instant bond, translating into lifelong friendships. When attending a YogaFit MindBodyFitness Conference, bonds happen quick. We are surrounded by other seekers, with open minds and the interest in making the world a greater place. We are opening up and discovering new truths. We are finding our authentic Self.


Debbie Kramer and Christine Yanke met during a YogaFit training and became great friends. Debbie lives in the D.C. area, while Christine lives in Canada. They meet at MBF Conferences all over the country for a “namastay-cation.”



Wendy Merritt and Blake Rogers first met in Level 2, then met AGAIN in Pranayama and YogaFit Sweat. The two reconnected on the 2016 YogaFit India intensive, which strengthened not only their understanding of yoga, but also their friendship. Wendy and Blake live about an hour away from each other, allowing them to meet for lunch and sub each other’s classes. They plan to meet up again at the Palm Springs MBF in January 2018.


Wendy says, “everything that happens in YogaFit continues forever.” These events may last only a weekend, but the bonds created can truly last a lifetime.


Have you made any friends in a YogaFit training? We want to hear about it! Email to share your story.


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