Yoga Alliance + RYT 500 Application UPDATE

Yoga Alliance + RYT 500 Application UPDATE

by Jenny Baldwin | 26/02/2016

Dear all past, present and future YogaFit® Trainees,

Yoga Alliance has recently changed the way they accredit schools, which will affect how you apply for your RYT 500. There are several RYT designations:






*ERYT-200, RYT-500


*ERYT 500


The designations for schools however are:


*RYS 200


*RYS 300


*RYS 500


This may seem a little confusing at first, so we wanted to clarify this process and what it means for you. As a yoga teacher, you can only apply for either an RYT-200 or an RYT-500. Once you accumulate the required amount of teaching hours, you can apply to upgrade your status to E-RYT (E stands for Experienced).


Yoga Alliance wanted to make a distinction between schools that offer all 500 hours of training at once and schools that offer both a 200 RYT hour track and then an additional 300 RYT hour track to equal RYT 500. Schools like YogaFit® that offer the additional 300 hour RYT track accept students from other 200 hour schools (with the prerequisites of Level 1 and Anatomy & Alignment), whereas 500 RYS schools do not.


When you complete your additional 300 hours, you will receive a 300 hour certificate from YogaFit. You will submit this to Yoga Alliance, just as you submitted your 200 RYT. They will already have your 200 RYT on record, so you will receive a 500 RYT certificate (200 + 300 = 500). Therefore, when you are on the Yoga Alliance website you must click on 300 hour schools to find YogaFit®.


We appreciate your patience through this change in the process.


Please reach out to with any questions.




The YogaFit® Education Department

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