Shehla's Thoughts on Taking Level 1 at Mind Body Fitness Conference

Shehla's Thoughts on Taking Level 1 at Mind Body Fitness Conference

by The YogaFit Team | 31/05/2016

Like the first day at a new school, going into your first Level 1 at YogaFit might seem a little intimidating. You're not sure what to expect, what kind of people you'll meet and what your instructor will be like. You may love practicing Yoga but this could be your first forray into teaching it yourself. And of course there is always the question of...what comes after Level 1 and where do I go from here?


This is one of the reasons we hold a Level 1 at every Mind Body Fitness Conference we host—to answer these questions and to surround you with the best people to help you with your journey. Not only our Master Trainers and YogaFit team but with your fellow peers who are in different stages of their YogaFit journey. We encourage people to take Level 1 at an MBF because we think immersing yourself in the YogaFit world can be the best way to absorb all you can during your first chapter with us.


Here's what Shehla had to say about her Level 1 experience at this year's MBF in Virginia:


"I think the big thing with a Mind Body Fitness Conference is that you get the feel of what YogaFit is all about. You get to be surrounded by hundreds of other teachers and you can learn so much from the diverse set of people. I remember sitting in the main hall during a morning welcome session and thinking to myself, 'This is what a big group of yoga teachers looks like!'


With going to an MBF, you meet yoga teachers from big cities and small towns and more. You can get inspiration from people outside of your element."


Shehla, Level 1 alum


Interested in taking our incredibly comprehensive Level 1 to deepen your practice and/or start your Yoga Teacher Training journey? See our full schedule here: Mind Body Fitness Conferences 2016/2017 - Register early for the best prices!

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