What is Medical Fitness Network (And Why Yogis Should Care)

What is Medical Fitness Network (And Why Yogis Should Care)

by The YogaFit Team | 11/03/2016


Inspiration can come in many ways. Sometimes adversity in life can act as a compass to guide us to our life's work.

That seems to be the case for Lisa Dougherty, founder of the Medical Fitness Network. Lisa was inspired by her father, a four-time cancer survivor, to leave her job on Wall Street and pursue a career in helping others. She decided to go back to school and started her own medical fitness business. 

Dougherty focused her medical fitness practice on cancer-survivors. Quickly, however, she saw a high demand from those coping with other health issues looking for fitness professionals just like her. The only problem was, she did not have the capacity to help all those in need.


Dougherty knew John Heydt, a doctor and the CEO of the University of California, Irvine Medical Center, who also served on the board of the Arthritis Foundation. In 2013, the Arthritis Foundation let go of its resources for exercise, and Heydt wanted to find a way to provide exercise resources for the foundation's constituents.

This is when they decided that there needed to be a registry of fitness professionals around the country who specialize in health issues. Not only for the Arthritis Foundation but for other health-related groups. And thus, Medical Fitness Network (MFN) was born. 


MFN is a growing national network of fitness and healthcare professionals with a background in treatment and rehabilitation of various chronic conditions or those needing pre- and post-natal care. The directory also includes health clubs and YMCAs with staff trained to handle a variety of conditions. The group is looking to increase both numbers. Professionals pay $99 to be listed, and facility operators pay $199 to be listed. 

MFN now partners with a continuously growing number of health organizations to connect people within their groups with trainers and clubs that specialize in their conditions. The organizations include the Arthritis Foundation, the National Osteoporosis Foundation, World Parkinson's Program, Cancer Support Community and the Alzheimer's Research and Prevention Foundation. 


As YogaFit® Therapeutic Practitioners, we know our important role in health and wellness and our impact using yogic technics beyond the physical practice of poses for healing injuries and illness. Yoga Therapy is a holistic and integrative process that will guide clients toward balance in body, mind, and soul and get down to the root cause of any imbalances that resulted in the injury or illness. Therapeutic yoga can positively impact those affected with serious ailments such as Alzheimer's, Arthritis, Cancer, Diabetes, Fibromyalgia, Heart Diseases and more.

MFN helps connect YogaFit® Therapeutic Practitioners with people who are seeking Yoga Therapy. On top of being able to help those in need, qualified Yogis can enjoy MFN membership benefits such as:

  • Referral Traffic from National Medical & Health Organizations
  • 100+ Business Partners Offerings and Discounts
  • National Education & Events Calendar
  • Free Educational Webinars
  • A Place to Become Known as an Industry Expert
  • Full Page Professional Profile

For more information and sign up details, please head to our Medical Fitness Network partner page. YogaFit® Alumni receive 50% off their first year membership using the code YOGA49.

For more of Lisa's story, please read these great pieces featured in The Huffington Post & Club Industry.

Click for more information: Yoga Therapy by YogaFit® program.


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