Lt. Col. Shaye Molendyke Brings Expertise to Ft. Hood Army Post

Lt. Col. Shaye Molendyke Brings Expertise to Ft. Hood Army Post


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Lt. Col. Shaye Molendyke Brings Expertise to Ft. Hood Army Post

November 10, 2014, LOS ANGELES – From September 20th to 21st, the YogaFit Warrior Training lead by creator Lt. Shaye Molendyke was given as service work to over 40 Military personnel in Fort Hood, Texas, as part of our ongoing outreach program. The goal of the complimentary workshop was to help heal military personnel suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) in the wake of the 2009 and 2014 Ft. Hood shootings.

Molendyke is a 23 year veteran, a military spouse, mother and former Marine “BRAT.” Lt. Col. Shaye is a Master Yoga Trainer for YogaFit with over 3,000 hours teaching experience. She has conducted numerous teacher training workshops to include, yoga for the back, Prenatal, Seniors and Kids. She is the creator and director of the YogaFit for Warriors Program which aims to help veterans and their families who are suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) as well as combat stress from the long years at war at home and abroad.

The Ft Hood workshop was open to local yoga teachers, as well as mental health experts, social workers and other members of the community who were in the best possible position to help those affected by the shootings. Everyone at YogaFit is excited to bring the healing power of yoga to a community in recovery.

YogaFit for Warriors helps calm troubling emotions, thought patterns, chronic tension, and ease suffering from the result of emotional or physical trauma, like PTSD. The program employs safe, trauma-sensitive yoga to heal a warrior's body, mind and spirit.

When trauma occurs, the body keeps score: the brain rewires itself around the traumatic event and the memories get stored in the tissues throughout the entire body. The regular practice of yoga can help to free up troubling emotions, persevering thought patterns, chronic somatic tension and hyper vigilance. New research is showing how yoga can reduce cortisol levels and calm the fight-or-flight response while also increasing the relaxation response.

By using transformational language, slower movements and focused breathing exercises as well as meditation imagery techniques addressing PTSD, YogaFit for Warriors eases the mind and body from traumatic brain injury and other common issues that develop in military settings.

The workshop highlights the somatic component of anxiety and depression while teaching breathing and meditation practices to help relax the body and mind. It also explores restorative yoga postures, breathing techniques and other complementary techniques to soothe the fight-or- flight response.


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