Doris' YogaFit Story #IAMYOGAFIT

Doris' YogaFit Story #IAMYOGAFIT

by Doris Caceres-Schumick | 1/08/2016

“I came to my mat to feel better physically, but the healing powers of yoga are what keep me practicing.”


Our Mission: Sharing stories from our amazing YogaFit Family with the world. Thank you Doris Caceras for helping us get to know you better.




What’s your day job? I’m a Library Clerk


Morning Must-Have: Catholic Prayers and a hot cup of coffee


Your Favorite YogaFit Training: Level Two, which I took at the MBF Conference in Columbus, Ohio


The Title of Your Autobiography: Body Restoration in Progress


Why YogaFit: It’s flexible and I can go at my own pace; I love that there are other students similar to me (with busy lives, families, some sort of struggle, but optimistic!)

Doris’ Story — in her own words


What brought you to your mat?


I had some pretty major medical issues, such as chronic Achilles tendonitis in both heels, a ruptured disc in my back, and Fibromyalgia. Needless to say, I was unable to indulge my previous knee-pounding passion for soccer, running, and Taekwondo. So I turned to yoga.


How did you discover YogaFit?


A YMCA yoga teacher, who is a certified YogaFit instructor, recommended it.


What made you decide to choose YogaFit as part of your yoga journey?


I loved the flexibility it offered so that I could attend the trainings at my own convenience and at my own pace. I also really appreciate all the options it gives for modifying poses.


What is your favorite YogaFIt memory so far?  

Being in Level Two training with Donna Mosca who is such a free spirit, so easy going, and carefree.


Why is Donna’s training so special for you?


The reason I loved being in her Level Two so much is because Donna is patient, friendly, respectful, peaceful, knowledgeable, and affectionate. She also provided recommendations on music and her email address, making herself available to all students now and in the future.


What has been the impact of Yoga Teacher Training in your life and the lives of those you teach?


It's made me realize that just when I thought I had reached my physical limit, I could go on a little bit at a time and then eventually, a lot more at a time. My students have told me that the way I teach helps them to breathe easier, challenges them to renew strength, and to develop mind-body awareness. My own practice has impacted me in the same way. In addition, I've acquired a much more positive mind and strengthened relationships with family and peers. I pray and  mediate longer, and am changing my diet toward a healthier, more natural one. I'm so much happier overall.


When you look forward, what does your yoga journey look like?


Confident and optimistic! I CAN improve my life physically, emotionally, and spiritually.


Finally, give us one of your favorite, go-to cues you use to teach your students.


In Warrior II: With arms raised and chest open, inhaling and with resistance, let’s slowly bring those magnetic hands towards one another until palms touch. Exhaling, let's slowly pull apart and push our magnets (palms/hands) away from one another.  

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