Goodlife Fitness, Canada’s #1 Fitness Club Launches Revolutionary Yogafit® In Canada

Goodlife Fitness, Canada’s #1 Fitness Club Launches Revolutionary Yogafit® In Canada


Los Angeles, CA: YogaFit®, the largest yoga school in the world and the leader in Mind Body Fitness training, just announced that it will roll out its signature programs nationally at GoodLife Fitness, Canada’s largest fitness club chain with almost 300 clubs across the country.

This expansion to the Canadian marketplace is part of YogaFit®’s new Club Series and marks the first time that GoodLife Fitness is partnering with a yoga company.

GoodLife Fitness YogaFit® Programs Include:

YogaFit® Sweat is a vinyasa-style flowing yoga format that combines a moderate amount heat between to 24 - 27°C. YogaFit® is for everybody and every body, providing recommendations and modifications throughout class. This program is exclusive to GoodLife in Canada.

YogaFit® is yoga for EVERYBODY and EVERY BODY, designed to improve health, performance and mental acuity. Based on hatha yoga, it blends balance, strength, flexibility and power in a fitness format. The YogaFit® style reduces injury risk and augments recovery for stress and lower back pain. YogaFit® delivers a practical, userfriendly style, which is accessible, understandable, and doable by individuals at any level of fitness.

YogaFit Flex & Flow: As part of the Club Series from YogaFit, this class features repetitive flows and long holds to work muscles with isometric contractions and strong pulsing moves to create strength and mental focus.YogaCore: With a focus on the body’s core center, this program makes use of a core ball accessory. Combination abdominal and lower-back exercises help develop the midsection and strengthen and heal the lower back.

“The YogaFit philosophy and programming is an excellent fit with GoodLife Fitness,” said Maureen Hagan, GoodLife Fitness VP of Operations and Group Exercise lead. “These programs combine the best of yoga and fitness and help make yoga and hot yoga easy to learn and more accessible for our members. We are very excited to be partnering with YogaFit and bringing the incredible health and wellness benefits to even more of our members.”

In addition, YogaFit will participate with GoodLife Fitness in the Canadian Fitness Professional’s seven conferences in 2011 to be held throughout Canada. Canfitpro is a worldwide leader in fitness and wellness education.

YogaFit’s Club Series offers these benefits:

  •  Builds muscular strength through the conscious creation of isometric contractions throughout the body
  • Increases muscular endurance through the flow between and within the poses
  • Develops the important function of balance through a variety of postural changes
  • Improves flexibility through deep stretching
  • Creates a bond among participants through the use of choreographed movement
  • Generates a fun environment
  • Establishes a program where participants can monitor their progress through quality control and consistent program delivery.


YogaFit was established in 1994 and has since trained over 100,000 yoga and fitness professionals worldwide. The leader in Mind Body Fitness Education, YogaFit is the largest training school for yoga instructors in the world. YogaFit is ACE’s Premier and only yoga partner. Founder and president, Beth Shaw, is internationally recognized as the foremost authority on yoga and fitness; having been profiled in print and television
programs including Oprah’s O magazine, CNN, USA Today, Entrepreneur, Self and more. YogaFit is committed to community service, supporting animals and humanitarian causes.

GoodLife Fitness

GoodLife Fitness is the largest fitness club chain in Canada, the 5 the largest fitness club in the world and the largest fitness club chain world-wide owned by a single owner. GoodLife Fitness has almost 300 clubs from coast to coast and 750,000 members. 1 in 45 Canadians is a GoodLife Member. GoodLife is a platinum member of Canada’s 50 Best Managed Companies and was part of Canada’s 10 Most Admired Corporate Cultures in 2010.

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GoodLife Fitness  
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