Fight Holiday Stress & Wintertime Blues with YogaFit®

Fight Holiday Stress & Wintertime Blues with YogaFit®


Beth Shaw, Founder and President of YogaFit, provides the top reasons on how daily yoga practice helps fight holiday depression, weight gain and stress! 

Beth says that Yoga practice and it’s breathing, holding poses, flowing vinyasas, mediation, imagery and focus have been proven to:
• Make you feel more in control
• Increase feelings of positive mood
• Reduce perceived stress and anxiety
• Change your response to situations that could cause stress
• Reduce the heart rate
• Lower blood pressure
• Make you breathe easier, not shallow (avoiding hyperventilation and panic attacks)
• Increases the body's ability to respond to stress more flexibly
• Provide better body image
• Increase more thoughtful eating habits, caring what you put into your body
• Allows you to let go of tension in the mind and body
• Instead of “dealing with” stress, yoga allows you to release it from your life
• Witness stress and negative feelings instead of experiencing them, practicing nonattachment
• Allow you to appreciate the now and live in the moment
• Facilitates deep relaxation and helps practitioners sleep better
Beth Shaw, E-RYT, BS, CMT, is the president and founder of YogaFit Training Systems Inc. The leader in mind-body education, YogaFit has trained more than 100,000 fitness instructors onsix continents. Shaw is an internationally known fitness expert and the author of Beth Shaw’s YogaFit (Human Kinetics, 2009, $17.95) and the publisher of Angles magazine, which is distributed to yoga fitness enthusiasts and instructors. Shaw and her company have been showcased in numerous fitness magazines as well as Oprah’s O magazine, Time, More, Entrepreneur, Yoga Journal, Glamour, Self and USA Today. She has also been featured on CNBC, CNN, NBC, CBS, E Style, Channel, Showtime, and Donny Deutsch’s Big Idea. 
Ms. Shaw is the innovative educator, entrepreneur, and visionary responsible for YogaFit as well as YogaButt, YogaStrength, YogaCore, YogaLean, and countless other yoga fitness combinations. She has more than 30 DVDs and CDs on the market and is widely recognized as the premier yoga fitness trainer in the industry. 

About YogaFit 

The leader in Mind Body Fitness Education, YogaFit is the largest training school for yoga instructors in the world. It was established in 1994 and has since trained over 200,000 yoga and fitness professionals worldwide.  YogaFit “Mind, Body and Fitness” monthly nation-wide conferences are also open to the public to learn about correct poses, back health, losing weight with yoga and yoga for seniors and prenatal populations. YogaFit is ACE’s Premier and only yoga partner. Founder and president, Beth Shaw, is internationally recognized as the foremost authority on yoga and fitness; having been profiled in print and television programs including Oprah’s O magazine, CNN, USA Today, Entrepreneur, Self and more. Beth is the author of YogaFit, second edition, and her new book, Lessons from the Mat, is due to release in 2012. YogaFit is committed to community service, supporting animals and humanitarian causes.
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