YogaFit Voted Best Yoga School

YogaFit Voted Best Yoga School



e mind-body relaxation regimen of yoga dates to before 3,000 B.C. Yoga is designed to unite the mind and body for the common goal of improving body functions and healing the effects of stress. In the United States, yoga training is offered as a 200-hour certificate for aspiring teachers to learn more about how the practice affects the body. Some schools offer a 500-hour level, with an additional 300 hours of training on how to develop a yoga program professionally. It is also available as a continuing education component for other group fitness certifications.



In 1994, YogaFit founder Beth Shaw developed one of the first fitness center yoga programs in the nation. By the end of the decade, she was designing training programs for other yoga instructors and offering them nationwide. YogaFit offers a pair of registered yoga teacher tracks at 200 and 500 hours. The 200-hour training includes five levels of program training, plus teaching components for senior citizens, anatomy courses and an elective for either pre- or post-natal yoga or children's teaching. The 500-hour program is a more intense program with modules on therapies, Ayurvedic medicine, intensive programs and electives in sweat, lean, plus, cancer, back or prop training. Course offerings can be completed online or in person at resorts in Oregon, Mexico or India.


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