Announcing YogaFit's Four-Day Mind Body Fitness Conference in Honolulu, HI Starting May 8

Announcing YogaFit's Four-Day Mind Body Fitness Conference in Honolulu, HI Starting May 8


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Announcing YogaFit's Four-Day Mind Body Fitness Conference in Honolulu, HI Starting May 8

April 28, 2014, Los Angeles – YogaFit Training Systems Worldwide is proud to announce that it will be holding its revolutionary Mind Body Fitness Conference in Honolulu, HI from May 8 – 11, 2014. The conference is designed for students working towards a Yoga Alliance registry, earning continuing education credits (CECs), or simply deepening their yoga practice.

The YogaFit Mind Body Fitness (MBF) Conference is open to instructors, teacher trainees, and yoga enthusiasts of any age. The conference features internationally renowned programs for training fitness professionals in the YogaFit style.

The conference features the highly celebrated YogaFit Restorative training session. In this training, attendees will learn how to perform yoga poses completely supported by props, thus releasing the body to rest in them for longer periods to receive deeper benefits derived from the poses. Fully supported, passive poses induce a deep state of relaxation, a seed for meditation. In addition, the poses awaken dull areas of the body to improve the circulation and encourage healing.

On May 8th, there will be an all-day Meditation and Mindfulness class, a special class offered at YogaFit conferences. Attendees of the conference will learn first-hand how to meditate and how to teach their students.

Meditation and Mindfulness (previously known as Transformational Meditation) was created by Beth Shaw, founder of Yogafit. She This training delves into learning how to balance one’s body by using a multi-layered approach to mantra and chakra meditations in order to stimulate the nervous system.  The methods presented make meditation easy to understand, user-friendly, and customizable.

“I believe in the power of meditation and have a regular meditation practice that is an important part of my daily life. I would like to share the many benefits of meditation with my network of YogaFit instructors,” explains Shaw, “Mantra based meditation gives the mind the opportunity to focus and clear. This Transformational Meditation resets the nervous system and can be done anywhere.’

MBF Conferences are considered the capstone of YogaFit's training program. Conferences begin with a fun opening session for everybody attending. The YogaFit team leads the group in a song highlighting the principles of YogaFit so that students new and old can bond and start the day on an energetic note. The attendees are then broken into groups and begin their classes and seminars. Along with YogaFit training sessions on anatomy, safety, meditation, and therapy, the conference features classes for military veterans and seniors.

The conference is flexible by nature, and offers are many training sessions that meet the needs of all levels and aspects of yoga. Feel free to visit the official YogaFit site and register for the conference. Register today!

We hope to see you all in Honolulu, Hawaii on May 8th! For inquiries, please contact


YogaFit® Training Systems Worldwide was established in 1994 and has since trained more than 250,000 yoga and fitness professionals worldwide. The leader in mind body fitness education, YogaFit® is the largest training school for yoga instructors in North America with further expansion ongoing internationally. YogaFit® and the American Council on Exercise (ACE) have been partners since 2003. Founder and President Beth Shaw is internationally recognized as the foremost authority on yoga and fitness and has been profiled in print publications and television programs including Oprah’s O Magazine, CNN, The Wall Street Journal, The Huffington Post, The New York Times, USA Today, Entrepreneur, SELF and is currently a New Business Group Member of the New York Times. YogaFit® is committed to community service as well as supporting animals and humanitarian causes.

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