YogaLean Transformation

YogaLean Transformation

by Jennifer Jensen | 20/04/2021

I joined the YogaFit family quite a few years ago during the time I stayed home taking care of my three kids, and loved having those weekend trainings as a refreshing sanity break. When my youngest started school full time, I headed back to work as a paraprofessional in his school, which was a great way to ease back into managing a schedule of work and home responsibilities. And then…2020! Kids sent home to finish the year learning online (nightmare!), my husband transitioning his job to a home office (stress!), and my school-based job turning into childcare at the school, which meant I traded all of the changes at home for some weird non-job caring for other people’s kids and trying to manage my own family after hours (stress! Other people’s stress! Kid stress! Irritation at missing out on my pandemic plans!). As the year got weirder and more stressful, I incorporated some small changes like leaving social media to try to avoid anxiety, which is not something I normally experience but noticed trying to creep in on me this year! And while I didn’t feel like everything was falling apart or totally out of control, it certainly felt like there was A LOT I couldn’t control.

Magically one day there was an email for an 8-week YogaLean course. It sounded like a perfect little something to do for me and a great way to end this crazy year, so I signed up on a whim. In 8 weeks, I was pushed into making room in my daily schedule for things I had mentally labeled as ‘can’t squeeze that in’; pushed through some new and out-of-my-comfort-zone workouts that left me sore for the first month; and refreshed in the 8 limbs of YogaLean. At the end of 8 weeks, I was down a few pounds on the scale and more than a few inches around my waist, legs and hips – it was the measurable start of a transformation! More little changes were getting incorporated into my days, including diet changes, Ayurvedic daily maintenance, and decluttering. To keep the momentum going, I signed up for a second 8-week course.

Now after 16 weeks, there are more lost inches, continued small daily changes; and more transformation – diet changes that have me feeling better and losing weight; decluttering around the house creating more space (which feels SO much better than clutter!); and a consistent workout schedule. The best thing is that this feels sustainable! I have done other weight loss programs and as soon as I lost momentum with counting calories the weight went back on, but the changes I made in the last 16 weeks have changed my life and will continue to do so. Through the connection with some darn fine people around the continent who I wouldn’t have met in a ‘normal’ year, and the encouragement and guidance of some very fabulous YogaFit trainers, I am on the road to a healthier version of me by implementing the YogaLean principles. I also gained a sense of control over something, which was just what my pandemic needed.

One of the best payoffs yet was in the last few weeks when I went back to one of the first HIIT classes from Week 1 – my memory was that everything was so hard when I started, and revisiting the same class 16 weeks later I was able to CRUSH it! Not that parts of it weren’t still hard but I could feel how much stronger I have become, and in a year like this last one I think we could all use a reminder of how strong we actually are. I know I would never have done this on my own, and am so grateful to Beth and Kim for guiding me towards these life-transforming changes.

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