I Am YogaFit

I Am YogaFit

by The YogaFit Team | 23/02/2016

When you think of YogaFit®, what do you think of first?

You might start with what we offer as a school?

  • Yoga Teacher Trainings taught by passionate, knowledgeable and fun-loving Master Trainers
  • A wide range of programming, including therapy and trauma focused programs like YogaFit® for Warriors
  • The ability to go at your own pace, on your own schedule with over 650 trainings across the country
  • Yoga Alliance Certified + ACE Approved + canfitpro™ Education Partner

But just as important as what we do is WHO we are.


That is why we put so much emphasis on yoga for everybody AND every 'body'. Our inclusive approach to yoga is what lends itself to a diverse community thatenriches our learning experiences together.


When you come to a YogaFit® training or Mind Body Fitness Conference, you have the opportunity to learn from, not only our trainers, but each other. Every person has a story that has led them to YogaFit® and those stories are what makes our community so rich.


I've seen Level 1 students talking to Level 5 students at an MBF about their goals, listened as advice and guidance buzzed around the room, heard words of encouragement, and wathced friendships blossom.


These moments and stories are the motivation behind "I am YogaFit" (#IAMYOGAFIT), a story-telling & sharing initiative led by our marketing team.


We want to help share your stories to help inspire others—whether they are on the fence about signing up for their first YogaFit® training, shy about coming to one of our MBF Conferences, not sure how yoga could impact their lives or just curious about what makes us all so unique. 


The #IAMYOGAFIT stories will start with volunteers who kindly offered to participate at our MBF in Arlington, Virginia but we want to hear your stories too. 


If you're interested in sharing it with us, email iamyogafit@yogafit.com and we'll send you the details. Or you can tag your photos, videos and social media updates with the hashtag #IAMYOGAFIT, and we'll share them with our community!


Thank you in advance to everyone who loves YogaFit® and are proud to say #IAMYOGAFIT!

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