A Call to Mindful Leadership - DC Summit

A Call to Mindful Leadership - DC Summit

by Beth Shaw | 31/05/2016

On May 9th, I was invited to speak at the Mindful Leadership Summit in Washington DC by a YogaFit Student who works in Government. The event was sponsored and produced by Executive Women in Government. I was so excited to be able to share with women in Government the principles of mindfulness.


I was also a bit nervous because I was not sure how the work would be received. Going into the high pressure enviornment of DC with suggestions on meditation, yoga and mindfulness could be considered risky. I spoke in front of about 200 women. It was very well received as we engaged in Mindful activities and practical applications.


My hope was to share that being mindful leads to being a better leader and lack of mindfulness and stress in the workplace costs 200 Billion dollars to US Corporations. I also gave very practical ways to be mindful and practice mindfulness. I wanted to share that taking care of one’s health in every way is paramount and that MINDFULNESS touches on an individuals physical, mental, emotional and energetic health. I gave a few models for Mindfulness to occur in the workplace, some based on YogaLean and Yoga For Athletes.


I got great feedback and they want me back at their next event so all in all it was a success.


Thank you to everyone who shared words of encouragement and congratulations to me on this very special day that I'll always remember. 


Below you will find: The slides I shared during my presentation, the introduction to my talk and the full presentation I gave that day —I hope you'll gain some useful insights and practical tips that not only apply to our leaders in government but to people in their every day lives. Please share with anyone you think could use a little more mindfulness in their lives.





Complete Presentation Slide Deck 

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