New Kid on the Block

New Kid on the Block

by Carli Shipley | 27/04/2017

We are beyond excited to welcome Carli Shipley, our new Social Media and Community Manager, to the YogaFit family.


Ahna Hendrix has been YogaFit’s marketing and social media manager for more than a year, and we’ve been so fortunate to reap the benefits of her expertise. But, alas, she's leaving us. Ahna has launched a second business, in addition to her full-service social media marketing agency, and understandably no longer has the time to devote to YogaFit. While we are sad for us, we’re thrilled for her. We send her off on her new venture with warm wishes and much gratitude.

    We searched far and wide to find Ahna’s replacement and we’re beyond excited to report that we found her! Carli Shipley, a YogaFit teacher and quite possibly someone you’ve already met at one of YogaFit’s many MBFs, is taking over the reins effective immediately. While we could tell you all the reasons why she’s the perfect fit, we thought it better that Carli introduce herself. So…without further ado…here she is! 

    I’m excited to assume the role of YogaFit’s new Social Media and Community Manager. To be able to share my love and light with the world is such a gift and what better way to do this than with my fellow yoga teachers through YogaFit’s social media presence? Nothing motivates me more than the uplifting energy of an MBF conference or a weekend YogaFit training. I love opening my Facebook feed on a weekend and seeing someone I know either taking or leading a YogaFit training, introducing new yoga teachers to the practice, or furthering the education of current teachers. I have made wonderful friends through YogaFit and have such fond memories from every one of my YogaFit trainings. A couple months ago, YogaFit interviewed me about my own yoga journey for the Get Inspired blog, so I won’t go into all those details. Suffice to say, I started yoga so I could get strong enough to…surf. And it worked! Of course, I got so much more than I bargained for.

    I travelled all over for YogaFit trainings, eager to learn more and complete my 200-hour YTT journey, which I had began years ago. While traveling, I made some incredible friends and explored places in America I had never been to before. In between YogaFit trips, I’ve been focusing on my blog, Expedition Unbroken, teaching yoga in Southern Georgia, where I live with my wonderful fiancé, and participating in the online Yoga Book Club I started. 

     And now…I can’t think of a better way to give back all that YogaFit has taught me and share my love of YogaFit with a larger audience, than to work with this wonderful company. In accepting this offer, I plan to:


•  Encourage more people to get YogaFit-certified 

  • Showcase the community service YogaFit instructors are doing for the benefit of all humanity
  • Bring our online community together and continue the good vibes of a YogaFit MBF or training 
  • Help tell the stories of YogaFit trainees and alumni. 
  • Help YogaFit instructors learn to market their yoga business and personal brand


Working with YogaFit comes naturally to me, because I have been part of this community for a long time and it has literally saved my life. YogaFit gave me the tools I needed to not just have a career, but to find the healing I needed in my life. YogaFit trainings have led me to the most incredible individuals and encouraged me to use yoga to serve others.

    At YogaFit, we have the power to spread the light of yoga throughout the world. I’d love to hear what that means for each of you. Let me know how YogaFit has influenced your life; the impact it’s had on the life of one of your students; and how it has served the community in which you teach.


Please reach out at say hello and introduce yourself at our next MBF! I can’t wait to see old friends and meet new ones on the YogaFit path.

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