Get Inspired: A Long and Winding Road

Get Inspired: A Long and Winding Road

by YogaFit Team | 27/02/2017

YogaFit training gave this teacher the confidence she needed to heal from a toxic relationship, and the tools to share what she learned with others.


For Carli Shipley, yoga has been quite literally her life-saver. She began her YogaFit journey three years ago, during a particularly tumultuous time in her marriage. “By listening to my body and rebuilding my self confidence,” through the practice of yoga, “I was able to realize that the relationship I was in was toxic.” 

    Carli was almost exactly halfway finished with her 200-hour teacher training when her troubled marriage turned physically abusive. “I was forced to sell everything I owned, move, and rebuild my entire life.” Although she had to put YogaFit on hold for two years while she got back on her feet financially and emotionally, she was able to continue teaching the entire time. “Even on days when I cried every other moment of the day,” Carli remembers, “I could pull myself together enough to teach because I had to teach. The only way I could do this was by using the tools I had learned in my first 100 hours of YogaFit training. I can't imagine where my life would be without that.” 

    Carli restarted her 200-hour training last November and just completed it in February. Thanks to  YogaFit’s modular system, Carli was able to take what she needed when she needed it and rest when she needed to rest. “I think I took every training ‘out of order,’” Carli says. “I didn’t even take Level One first!”

    Towards the beginning of Carli’s yoga journey, she took YogaFit for Warriors, “mainly because I worked on an army base and wanted to give back to those who protect our freedom.” Now after going through trauma, abuse and PTSD therapy herself, she realizes that yoga helped her find freedom within. And she is committed to helping others find it for themselves. Her goal now is to complete the 140-hour YogaFit Warriors program. For Carli, YogaFit is not just an educational program. It has given her the opportunity to experience profound healing through her teaching and it continues to be a way she can work through her own obstacles.

    Yoga has become Carli’s constant companion and she credits the practice—and her teacher training—for saving her life. “I had yoga when I had nothing else,” she says. “I now know that happiness comes from within and that my light will never go out.”

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