Pioneers of the YogaLean 12 Week Program

Pioneers of the YogaLean 12 Week Program

by The YogaLean Team | 31/05/2016

We're so happy to share with you some of the awesome feedback we've received from our newly launched 12 Week Yogalean program led by our amazing alum, Debbie Kramer at PR Performance Fitness personal training studio in Annandale, Virginia. 


Here are just a few highlights we'd like to share to inspire you on your YogaLean journey:


Rachel Martin is one of the owners of PR Performance Fitness. Below is a candid review she made after the program to speak of the dedication Debbie put forth as an instructor and all the things she gained from the YogaLean program.


"I found that with the journaling and the self studying class that Debbie came up with each week, really helped get my mind right for the day and just got me more focused and able to complete more of a workload without getting overwhelmed."



Carolyn Foley was another participant in Debbie's 12 Week YogaLean program launch. Although she was not looking to lose a lot of weight, she did find that other aspects of the program had a big impact on her life.


On decluttering our environments as a way to declutter our minds:


"I like clutter and my husband doesn't. I worked at decluttering every day. Oh, a big smile on my husband's face appeared when he'd see me clear off stacks of paper and magazines. I like the decluttering focus and try to do a little something every day." 


On the safe practice of yoga:


"I've tried a couple of yoga classes and was dissatgisfied with most of the instructors. Way too fast. I feared hurting myself and I did hurt myself when I didn't realize the correct alignment. Debbie gave good instructions at a good pace. Not too fast, not too slow." 


On the mood enhancing effects of the program:


"I've suffered from depression for most of my life. [...] Over the weeks/months of the class, I realized I was feeling better."



Mary Deane sent kind feedback after the program as well and the positive impact of learning about meditation.


"I want to thank Debbie for inspiring me to begin meditation which is very important when you become a little older because it strengthens the cortex of your brain. Debbie has been a wonderful YogaLean instructor and meditation has been an important part of the lessons we've learned. I recommend it to anyone."



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