What is it like working with Beth Shaw?

What is it like working with Beth Shaw?

by Carli Shipley | 30/03/2018

YogaFit is not a standard educational institution - we do meetings a little differently. As YogaFit’s Communications Manager, I have the opportunity to work closely with Beth Shaw, the Founder of YogaFit. Beth is full of energy and creativity - and she makes the work day a lot more exciting than sitting at a desk. In fact, she often says “sitting is the new smoking.”


On my recent trip to New York City, I met with Beth and Bentley Shaw, her rescue dog. So what does work look like for us? We start by going over our agenda for the two days that I’ll be here, it’s important for us to start off organized because once we get into the creative work, organization starts to be replaced with creativity. 


On our agenda for this trip: We have a few meetings with PR Agencies to increase brand awareness of YogaFit and Beth Shaw as a Motivational Speaker, work on blogs for YogaFit and BethShaw.com, recording a new YogaFit Podcast, try out a beautiful, new meditation studio called Inscape in Chelsea, learn about Chinese Medicine at a MediSpa, attend a Hot Yoga Class in SoHo, do a photoshoot for upcoming social media posts, and working on a few other creative projects. Yes, all from 9:30 am on Monday to Tuesday at 3:30 pm. While this may seem like a lot at a glance, the flow of the work and the nature is very organic. Plus, everything is so exciting and fun that it hardly feels like work! I am always so grateful to have the opportunity to do what I love and love what I do. It’s like a creative and mindful retreat whenever I visit Beth - we also leave time open to the universe to provide experiences for us, it’s hard to say what we will stumble upon!


Beth and I then begin brainstorming - thinking of new ventures and exciting challenges for our #YogaFitFamily. The idea of a YogaFit retreat center comes up, an idea that has been a long-term plan of Beth’s for YogaFit - with an outdoor space for meditation, yoga, community, music, and healing. This will be a communal living environment and will also have a dog rescue and organic garden. We will provide work-exchange opportunities as well. Beth is currently looking for a space with multiple acres in the Northeast. Please let us know your thoughts and if this would be of interest to you to either visit or reside.


Beth heard so many inspiring stories at the recent Chicago MBF that we want to hear from more of you about how YogaFit has changed your life.


Want to participate?


Just let us know how your life has changed since beginning your YogaFit journey by sending an email to PR@YogaFit.com  - select stories will be chosen for interviews on the YogaFit podcast. We hear the most incredible life-changing stories from our students constantly - it’s time that we start recording these so you can all get to know each other and grow as a #YogaFitFamily.


Winner will receive a complimentary 1-day training at a 2018 or 2019 YogaFit Mind Body Fitness Conference, complimentary Level 1 training to share with a Friend or Family member and an exclusive coffee/dog walk with Beth & Bentley Shaw at a future Mind Body Fitness conference. The winner will be announced at our upcoming Minneapolis MBF starting May 30th, 2018.


Entries must be submitted no later than Friday, May 10th. Terms and conditions apply. Email any questions to PR@YogaFit.com - We cannot wait to hear YOUR story!


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