RYT 200 and RYT 300 Intensives

RYT 200 and RYT 300 Intensives

by Jenny Baldwin | 22/03/2021

When YogaFit was first created in 1997, it was a means to bring yoga to the masses.  We wanted our Teacher Training Program to be user friendly, science-based, and flexible for everyone, no matter their experience level, background, or budget.  We created the move at your own pace model so that our students could complete their RYT 200, and then RYT 300, at their own speed and within the bounds of their budget.  There was no timeline for completion, and this modular approach was embraced by our network for over 20 years.

When 2020 brought shutdowns due to COVID, YogaFit pivoted to the virtual training model, still offering all our trainings live via zoom. We continued to encourage moving at your own pace, within the bounds of your budget and time. We were grateful that our network adjusted to this shift and continued to support our teacher trainings. We know that many of our students were able to complete training tracks in a shorter period of time due to the increased availability of trainings offered virtually.

As we began planning for 2021 with the realization that virtual trainings were going to continue to be a large piece of our framework, we made the decision to shift once again, and offer the virtual trainings in an intensive format with set dates and times for both the full RYT 200 and RYT 300 Required Trainings. This was a leap of faith, as we were going outside the model that we had created two decades ago. We offered our first Virtual RYT 200 Intensive starting with Level One: Foundations on January 9-10 and will be ending with our Level Five: Unification training April 10-11 and our first Virtual RYT 300 Intensive starting with Healthcare I April 10-11 and culminating with Prenatal or Kids March 5 and 7. For the first time ever, our attendees were committing to a two or three-month journey with set dates and times. Our intention was to allow them to create their own community and move along this path together. Our hope was that it would be an enjoyable experience for them all.

The leap of faith paid off, as the program exceeded all of our expectations. The students involved in both Intensives raved about their experience. They had the opportunity to learn from a variety of Trainers, and truly bonded through their shared learning. We are so grateful to those two groups for trusting us with their education and trusting the process. We asked them to share their feedback and experience and they did not disappoint!

Keep reading for testimonials from our groups and links for our next Intensive offerings.  With one more shift, we will be offering both programs in a more spread-out format from May through December 2021.

Upcoming RYT 200 Intensive Dates: 

April 10-July 11, 2021

June 12-August 8, 2021-This track was created with Educators in mind and utilizes Yoga for ADD and the Autism Spectrum as the two days of electives.  You do not have to be an educator to join this group, but if you are an educator, please reach out to info@yogafit.com for special pricing. 

July 17-September 26, 2021

May 15-16 OR June 12-13-December 12, 2021

Upcoming RYT 300 Required Trainings Intensive Dates:

April 17-June 20, 2021

July 17-September 26, 2021

July 17-December 5, 2021

Testimonials from our RYT 300 Group

I live in a geographically large state with a smaller population.  We’ve only had one MBF here in at least ten years.  So for me just to accomplish the 200 hour trainings took a lot of travel and a lot of random selection of other classes at MBFs from Arlington to Seattle.  I would never realistically have managed to take all the classes for the 300 additional hours under the “old normal.”  So, for me, an online program of any type has been a great advantage.

And now for the online 300-hour intensive specifics: Let me focus on the quantum concepts of complementarity, connection, and entanglement.  It was a brilliant option to string the deeply informative and challenging classes across a series of weekends.  The time in between allowed for a lot of processing and pondering and reading and starting to grasp the concepts.  It was well organized with the physical body work of HealthCare I followed by Ayurveda, then Anatomy 2, and finally the energy body work of HealthCare II.  The classes are interconnected and complement each other in understanding.  Finally, while we have all had the experience of deep connection in our 4-day Level 4 training, this online intensive program went far beyond that in the depth of connection, ease, caring, support, and total entanglement that we as a group developed.

And the short of it is, I highly recommend this structure and program for deepening your yoga learning.  It was life-changing and life-enhancing.  Thank you, YogaFit! Kathy

It is hard to find the right words to describe my experience with the 300-hour intensive training.  There were so many amazing moments and memories made within these 9 weekends of education.  As usual, it was so much more than a “training.”

I think my favorite part was being able to go through the sessions in my own home.  I appreciated having my own space around me to spread out my books, move around, take breaks all within my own home.  I personally felt like I absorbed this information better in the online learning environment.  I was able to focus and listen and take in the information.  Of course, the downside to this was not being in person, feeling the human energy of the other participants but I can honestly say I still felt it.  I have made connections with this special group of people/ladies that will remain in place for the rest of my life.

I appreciated having two weekends to complete four-day trainings.  At MBF’s the four days of back-to-back trainings is a bit overwhelming.  I always walk away feeling exhausted and overwhelmed.  But having a week in between to absorb the information was wonderful. 

I enjoyed the variety of master instructors teaching our classes.  And again, although I would rather be doing the classes live and in person, being able to experience the class from another’s perspective is so valuable.  I think one of the greatest aspects is having access to the master classes after the training was complete.  I enjoy being able to refer to the class rather than reading the cues from our manuals.

I do well with structure and when a plan is in place I stay on track.  Just a thought, but I do know the work that goes into planning these trainings and I cannot imagine what that would look like. 

I had no intention of completing the 300-hour training after completing the 200-hour.  I was content with the 200-hour and when the offer was presented it kept lingering in the back of my mind.  I reached out to a friend and someone I consider to be a yoga mentor and she told me you learn to teach yoga in the 200-hour, you find your voice in the 300-hour training.  And this is exactly what happened.  I feel I have grown into a stronger version of myself when I step on the mat.  Stronger mentally, emotionally, and physically.  I feel I am better able to guide my students with a deeper understanding of the practice (whether they are interested or not).  The advice I would give to someone considering the training is exactly what my mentor said to me.  The 300-hour training is where you find your yoga voice. Lisa

My favorite part of the intensive was allowing our YogaFit community to curate a culture of learning, support, and well-being. Across just a handful of weeks, our intensive group grew into a family group that learned to utilize one another’s strengths, support each other in our weaknesses and growth states.

YogaFit has done an incredible job of pivoting the in-person training to a virtual format without losing the integrity and quality content of the material. Some of the most vital parts of the courses are delivered through VILT (Virtual, Instructor-Led Training) and facilitated into practical understanding and practice through the use of small-group discussions and independent or guided physical yoga practice and meditations.

What advice would you give someone contemplating the 300-hour intensive? First off, listen to your heart! If you can lean into learning and being vulnerable with a small group of like-minded individuals you will quickly grow to call friends, then I would encourage you to consider this as a step in your learning career.

Things that would make your journey easier- be honest and get buy-in from your family and friends. This is an environment where you are committed to class for 20 hours a weekend, 8+ weekends in a row. There are many things you will miss out on, and many more things you will need support with. Beth

I first want to send you so much gratitude for all of that you have done to make this possible.  We really appreciated all of the work that you and the trainers did to make sure we had slides, lesson plans, and master class videos. Each trainer felt perfect for each subject and had so much knowledge to share.  This was a great experience that me and the other students will never forget. It seemed like perfect timing when for the intensive.  With winter approaching and still having the COVID restrictions, it was a great time to concentrate on continuing my yoga path.  The most important thing for me was to go through this with the same group because a large portion of my 200 level classes were with a few of the same people and I really enjoyed creating that bond.  I didn’t realize that our 300 group would become so close and create lifelong friendships.  

One thing that we all appreciated was that our four day trainings were split between the weekends.  This was very beneficial for digesting and understanding the concepts we were learning.  I wish that Level 4 would have been this way because it is such a key training and it would have been great to have a little time to contemplate on everything we learned. I thought that the most challenging part of the trainings would be that it was every weekend and working full time during the week would be exhausting.  But, it was not at all exhausting for me.  I looked forward to seeing my yogi friends each weekend and it was the highlight of my week.  We were able to concentrate on what we were learning because we already established relationships and didn’t have to use up our time on introductions. Some of my favorite things in the trainings besides creating lifelong friends were Healthcare 1 & 2 as the beginning and the end of the trainings with all of us together.  Brandi was the perfect person to kick it off because she did a great job on teaching this subject but she also encouraged us to get to know each other. Healthcare 2 was like the icing on the cake for the last class that we were all together. Kristen is such a wonderful person and it seemed so perfect to have her be the trainer for our last one as big group.  Our other trainers Jenn, Traci, and Catina were also so wonderful and they seemed excited about being involved in our intensive.   My last training was Prenatal and it was combined with some of the 200 intensive people. That was really cool because we got to hear about their experience and to see where they were in their journey.  I also had a proud moment when I noticed that our 300 group were automatically incorporating so much of what we learned over the last 8 weeks without being asked or prompted.

I would definitely encourage anyone that is thinking about doing this intensive to go for it.  It does take a lot of commitment, but I don’t think they will regret it.  The way the format is virtually makes you forget that we aren’t all together in a room. It was really nice to do this from our own homes and not have to travel for training. We could be present and in the moment and not have to think about traveling. Hilary

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