Della's YogaLean Transformation

Della's YogaLean Transformation

by Della | 2/11/2015

Letters like this is why we do what we do. Della’s beautiful story is one of resilience, strength and what it means to do the work.



The Physical

I want to share some good changes in my life since starting one yoga for weight loss class on Mondays and then added a second YogaLean workshop on Tuesdays about 18 months ago. I have lost some weight but somewhere along this journey, losing weight became less important to me and getting healthy became my #1 goal. When I started classes, I had several out of control health problems. Today I am taking half the prescription medications I was taking when I began yoga. My last lab test results were normal and I no longer need breathing medications or inhalers.


The Emotional

Besides all the health benefits I have gotten, my yoga practice has helped me work through some emotional issues. I struggled with the death of my parents and husband.  I had to make choices for them that left me with feelings of fault and guilt. I was the “keeper” of the material stuff they had left behind. I could not let go, my space and spirit became so cluttered.


It was exhausting and the sadness overwhelming. In the classes and workshops we share and learn with each other and from our awesome teacher Kim. By decluttering my physical space, spending time on my mat, learning to breathe and be silent on the inside, I was able to let go of the clutter without losing the good memories. I also learned to forgive myself and to know not everything bad is it my fault.


The Gratitude

I know these changes are due to Kim’s kindness, knowledge and the excellent guidance she provides her students on our mats and in the YogaLean workshops. I am also so thankful for the support and encouragement I have gotten from every one of my yoga classmates and the YogaLean group.


I am blessed.

Thank you all,



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