Top 5 in Yoga This Week!

Top 5 in Yoga This Week!

by The YogaFit Team | 17/04/2015

Check out this week’s top 5 hottest stories in yoga and wellness news!


1. They’re Not Afraid to Say It: ‘Fat Yoga’

"The telemarketers and bottled-water vendors who call Anna Ipox’s yoga studio in Portland, Oregon, often ask, “Is this the yoga place?”

Ms. Ipox does not answer yes. Instead, she said, “I make them say it: Say, ‘Is this Fat Yoga?’ ”

Full Article: NY Times


2. Three Easy Moves to Counteract a Day at Your Desk!

The More You Sit, the More You "Shorten" Your Hamstrings. In our sedentary office culture, we spend an inordinate amount of time sitting with both the knee and hip bent; this position directly impacts the length of the hamstrings.

Full Article: The Huffington Post


3. Namaste! Colorado governor signs yoga training bill

DENVER (AP) - Colorado's governor has signed into law a bill to shield yoga training programs from state regulation - and yogis in Colorado are celebrating with mass poses.

Full Article: 9News


4. 7 Yoga Teachers Who Have Changed the Practice


“Every long-term yogi or yogini has been inspired by a teacher who they really connected with. That connection might come in the form of a physical challenge, helping the student through a personal issue, or enabling them to relax or deal with anxiety when nothing else has worked. A great teacher inspires and keeps students on the mat over the long term, reaching many different kinds of people. And the very best instructors take that influence and use it for the greater good.

Full Article: 


5.Yoga is Good For the Heart, Too

CAMBRIDGE, Mass., April 16 (UPI) -- The meditation and breathing components of yoga have been shown to relieve tension and anxiety.

According to a new study, yoga is good for the heart. Cardiovascular benefits have never been yoga's main draw. Most practitioners herald the exercise's' positive effects on joint and muscle health, and as an effective way to relieve stress.

Full Article:

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