The Healing Role of YogaFit’s Warrior Series in PTSD Recovery

The Healing Role of YogaFit’s Warrior Series in PTSD Recovery

by The YogaFit Team | 20/03/2015

The United States and other countries are grappling with consequences of extended wars and ever-increasing cases of PTSD among the military community. It is with this in mind that YogaFit developed their 100-hour Warrior Trainings.  Yoga, meditation, and other somatic treatment modalities have been shown to heal PTSD and chronic stress conditions better than cognitive therapy alone.  This bottom-up approach, as it’s called, helps release tension held in the body and helps practitioners tolerate sensations in the body by increasing self-awareness and self-efficacy.

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In today’s society, stress affects almost everybody and can have a negative impact on every aspect of our health. Chronic stress is implicated in 80% of all illness and can speed up the aging process. Stress can suppress the immune system, increase the risk for heart disease and cancer, promote inflammation, and increase depression and anxiety. Chronic stress can result in physical changes in the brain, nervous system, and endocrine systems, wearing down the body and leading to disease. Extreme stress can even develop into PTSD with crippling symptoms.

YogaFit’s Warrior series prepares yoga teachers to lead trauma-sensitive classes with four different trainings: YogaFit for Warriors, Healing Emotional and Physical Trauma, Restorative Therapeutics and Mood balancing. Teachers learn the necessary class components for a healing platform for those traumatized by war, other traumatic events, or chronic stress.


Research has shown that mindful practices such as yoga and meditation successfully reverse some of the physical effects of chronic stress and trauma, and can help rebalance the nervous system.  Yoga has been shown, for example, to increase the neurotransmitter GABA, which makes us feel happy, more than other types of exercise. High GABA levels are correlated with a healthy autonomic nervous system.


A YogaFit Warrior class is a combination flow style class with restorative therapeutic poses in the last third of the class. It is much slower-paced and focused on creating rhythmic movement with breath, designed to help discharge energy as well as to facilitate the release of deeply-held tension. True to the YogaFit style, these classes are alignment-based, creating a safe environment for everybody and every body!

Yoga gives us the tools to activate the innate healer within all of us. A mindful yoga practice leads to a healthy, balanced body and mind. Over time, yoga decreases emotional reactivity, teaching us to reframe situations so that we find more meaning from difficulties and challenges, and ultimately embrace life more fully. Essentially, yoga helps us to reclaim lost power, which is very important in healing trauma. Yoga teaches us the valuable lesson that while we cannot control external events, we can control our reactions to them.

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