Beth Shaw Shares 7 Tips for an Energetic New Year

Beth Shaw Shares 7 Tips for an Energetic New Year

by Beth Shaw | 29/12/2017

Happy 2018 #YogaFitFamily! We're kicking off the year with a 40 day YogaLean accountability group. This group is not about weightloss, instead it is about reaching your fullest potential. Come join us! I wish you all peace and blessings in this New Year. I hope to see you at one of our 2018 Mind Body Fitness Conferences


1. Design your Reality 


Take a large White Poster board and cut it into four quadrants. Write out 1) Goals for the Week 2) Goals for the Month 3) Goals for the quarter 4) Goals for the Year. For example - In 2018 I will focus on leading international YogaFit trainings in countries that have a need for female empowerment. I recently lead trainings in Saudi Arabia and Israel. These trainings have inspired me to start a non-profit to help women worldwide.


2. Declutter your Environment, Declutter your Mind


Several times a year I make a point to declutter my closet and donate anything that I haven’t worn or used in the last six months. If it does not bring joy - get rid of it. Sometimes, it's a very painful system, but shopping is even better when you know that someone else who needs it will be receiving. Keep the clothing karma going. This also means going into the kitchen and clearing out any food that is expired and donating any non-perishables that are living in your cabinet without purpose. Healthy living doesn’t just mean diet and exercise. It also means limiting stressors that enter our lives and stick around, like that unneeded stuff clogging space. With each item, assess why you are holding onto it and if it is serving you. If you can’t answer either of those questions, then it’s time to practice aparigraha and let it go! 


3. A Body in Motion, Stays in Motion! 


Every day gives us a new opportunity to move. Get active, whenever you get the chance. Be creative! Make changes in your daily routine, take the stairs instead of the elevator (especially if it’s less than 3 floors!) Step trackers are built into nearly everything these days, keep an eye on your steps and don’t settle for less than 10,000 each day. Like I always say, “sitting is the new smoking.” One of my favorite tips for this is going for a walk during a phone meeting, not only will it keep your body healthy, but it keeps your brain active.


4. Movement is Mandatory


Because of what I do and what I love, YogaFit, I am constantly traveling and days are very busy. In a perfect world, I work out 5 days a week, even if it’s just 30 minutes. Our health will always be our most valuable asset. Pre and post workout nutrition is important as well, I have been using the Amino Vital Action and Recovery formulas. These all natural, plant-based amino acids that help prepare for workouts and aid in muscle recovery afterwards.  The best part is they're in these individual packets meaning these are always a few in my gym bag, backpack, etc... 


5. Be Fur-osiously Fit!

 I exercise my dog Bentley for at least 3 miles a day. We usually do a 20 minute morning walk, 30 minutes around noon and 40 minutes in the evening. Sometimes I multi-task by catching up on audiobooks and podcasts during our walks. I always do the 5 minute warm-up and cool down from the YogaFit Furociously Fit CD. Remember, to adopt not shop and ALWAYS spay/neuter your pets.


6. Flip your world upside down


Inversions are calming, reduce anxiety and increase productive energy. Not only do they boost your mood, but inversions also can help shift your perspective and give you the opportunity to examine an idea from a different angle. I love doing a headstand at the end of my workouts or anytime I need a little energetic reboot. I typically hold the pose for five minutes. If headstands aren’t your thing - no worries! A more restorative approach could be legs up the wall.


7. Meditation is a Must


Meditation is part of my daily routine. I meditate in different ways each day, depending on the day - some days its TM, other days guided. Since I live in New York City, I take the subway often and use my time on the train to practice Transformational Meditation. If you can find peace on the NYC Subway system then you can find peace anywhere! Listen to my guided meditations on iTunes.

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