YogaLean: A Heartwarming Letter from Jennifer

YogaLean: A Heartwarming Letter from Jennifer

by Beth Shaw | 22/01/2016

I love reading letters from our YogaFit® Family who are helping change lives everyday. This short but sweet letter from Jennifer about her student truly made my day.




Hi Beth! 


I recommended YogaLean to a student a week ago.  She had told me that she has been stress eating and was kind of lost about what to do and what to eat and I knew YogaLean would be able to help her.I saw her today at Target and she was shopping for containers to declutter and organize.


She told me she's excited about the recipes and was even inspired to sign up for a 5K!!


She wanted to express her gratitude to me for the recommendation and to YOU ESPECIALLY for the book. She looked happy and glowing and it was wonderful to be the catalyst for this transformation.





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