Things We Love: Essential Oils

Things We Love: Essential Oils

by Jenn | 20/01/2016

​The first time I experienced ​E​ssential oils was at a YogaFit® Mind Body Fitness Conference in Scottsdale, AZ. I had burned my hand the morning of the first day and was in a lot of pain and had a huge burn blister on the back of my hand. It was awful. I asked one of my friends if she had something to help and she encouraged me to go to the ​essential oils booth ​in the boutique ​and see if there was an oil to help burns. Sure enough there was— lavender to the rescue!


Almost immediately it was feeling better and within just a couple hours, the blister was gone and the dead skin just flaked off. I was AMAZED. That weekend I bought my first bottle of oil, lavender, of course. 


Over the next 2-3 years I would stop by the booth at MBFs and ask questions and buy more lavender and maybe one more oil to use. Then after attending one of the evening classes on using oils to replace common solutions to health issues, I decided to take the plunge and buy a kit of oils.


My family and I started using a new oil every week so we could learn how to incorporate them and replace the traditional remedies in our house and we have never looked back. Everyone in my house uses at least one oil every day (and often many!). We are so pleased and feel happy that we are using natural, drug-free oils to keep us healthy.





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