YogaFit Enthusiast Newsletter - February 2012

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Dear YogaFit Family:


*"The most beautiful message is the message of the heart."
The New Year is getting off to a great start at YogaFit. In San Diego at the Mind Body Fitness Conference, there were  over 200 attendees doing yoga until the late of hours, trance dancing, and enjoying a lot of Itoen Tea.
As we move through life remember that our body is our HOME no matter where we travel. With awareness and discipline we can enjoy a health and a body that does not get in the way of living. YogaFit is an amazing way to keep your body/mind in order.
Looking forward to some amazing conferences, training, and retreats including an anti-aging and longevity:  ayurvedic and health retreat - Memorial Day Weekend.

 As we approach Valentine's Day let us remember - "Using the mind and not the heart is like having two legs and only walking on one."

In honor of Valentine's Day - bring a new friend to YogaFit and get a free level one retrain. Enjoy your shared practice.

 May we stay in our hearts.  


With love and light




*Pram Rawat


Beth Shaw

Beth Shaw
YogaFit Founder







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DallasMBFMarch 2012 MBF Conference: Dallas, TX


dallas hotelPlease join us for the Dallas, TX MBF March 7-10, 2012 at the Double Tree by Hilton Hotel Dallas - Campbell Centre. 


To reserve your room at the Dallas DoubleTree Campbell Centre, please call 800-245-8918 and mention YogaFit Mind Body Fitness for special conference rate of $109 through February 15, 2012.


 We will be offering the following trainings:


* Anatomy and Alignment (Thurs. - Fri. Mar. 8-9)
* Anatomy and Alignment 2 (Sat. - Sun. Mar. 10-11) 

* Ayurveda (Thurs. - Fri. Mar. 8-9)

* Kids (Sat. Mar. 10)

* Level 2 (Thurs. - Fri. Mar. 8-9)
* Level 3 (Sat. - Sun. Mar. 10-11)

* Level 4 (Thurs. - Sun. Mar. 8-11)

Level 5 (Sat. - Sun. Mar. 10-11)

PreNatal (Sun. Mar. 11)

* Restorative (Thurs. - Sun. Mar.8-11)

* Thai (Thurs. Mar. 8)

* Therapy 2 (Thurs. - Sun. Mar. 8-11)

* Working with Chakras (Fri. Mar. 9)

* Yoga Props (Thurs. Mar. 8)


Conference Location:

Double Tree by HIlton Hotel Dallas

8250 N. Central Expressway

DALLAS, TX 75206





MBF20122012 MBF Schedule: Registration Available NOW!



Dallas, TX: Mar. 7-10

Monroeville, PA: Apr. 12-15

Toronto,ON (CAN): May 3-6, 2012

Minneapolis, MN: June 13-17

Palm Springs, CA: July 11-15

Ft. Lauderdale, FL: Sept. 12-16

Indianapolis, IN: Oct. 10-14

Atlanta, GA: Nov. 8-11

Seattle, WA: Dec. 6-9





2012 India Trip - We are going this year on Nov. 17-27 and we invite all trainees to participate!  




Hi Beth,


I recently got back from the YogaFit India Intensive. It was good to see you there when you came through. I couldn't talk on the hike  to the Durga Temple because it took all my focus and breath to keep getting up that mountain!!  I just want to thank you so much for your work in setting up the India Intensive at the retreat center. I have my 200hr with YogaFit and have always wanted to do more studies in India.  I trusted that YogaFit would have done the research and choosen a good place and a good teacher there. The experience really surpassed my expectations, even though I liked to think I let go of expectations. :-)
I am still digesting the India Intensive. Tracy did a great job of leading the trip. She took really good care of us. I had been to India before and know it can be challenging. On this trip, I felt like I was in a protected cocoon. It was very relaxing with her in charge of all the logistics and Rishikesh is such a lovely place. The  retreat center is heavenly. I feel very lucky and privilaged to have been able to participate in this retreat.
The food was marvelous and I miss it!! I didn't bring snacks and didn't really need them. I think I lost at least 5 pounds on the trip and feel much better physically. Lighter and stronger. The meditation every morning has really cemented my meditation practice. Now I look at it as something I savor every day and really carve out time for it. 
Maybe I will see you in a few weeks in Del Mar if you are teaching at the MBF there. I am taking Therapy 2 which will be a good continuation of what we learned in India.   My regular classes start Wednesday. I am excited to start introducing some of the new things I learned on our intensive to my regular students.
I hope more YogaFit trainees take advantage of the India intensive and what it has to offer. It is well worth the travel  and time  to get there.








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cyfpartnerspecial2012 Membership New Year Special 

Terra Silver Mat with Grip

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Perfect Start Package
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You'll relish in the comfort of these soft YogaFit Terrycloth Pants. Wear them to class or with your favorite sweats or soft sweaters and boots-they're as versatile as they are comfortable. Made in the USA. 







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Level 2 DVD

YogaFit Level 2 DVD 


YogaFit's NEW Level 2 DVD contains creative and effective sequencing ideas for a more well-rounded and powerful practice while incorporating positive affirmations that challenge and inspire new levels of thinking, being and behaving. 

New Seniors



YogaFit Seniors DVD

 Based on YogaFit's Three Mountain Format® of warm up, work & cool down all of which incorporate the safety principles of alignment.



YogaFit Active Vol. 10: Rejoice

Produced and arranged by Beth Shaw, ACTIVE 10~ REJOICE marks the 12th year of the ACTIVE series created by Beth. REJOICE was inspired by the journey through life and the importance of REJOICING existence, love, loss and laughter.


Zen Cafe 11




YogaFit Zen Cafe 11

Chill tracks for slow flow yoga and restorative/ therapeutic classes. Produced by Beth Shaw, this CD marks the first custom CD released by Beth after a long silence.



YogaFit FUR-riously Fit

FUR~riously FIT... With its mellow to moderate tempo track listing, this cd is a wonderful compliment to YogaFit's soon to be released "Furriously Fit" dvd. Produced with you and your pet in mind, this soundtrack is the perfect mix of relaxing rhythms and energizing beats making your workout not only effective, but enjoyable as well. 

Inspired and Produced by: BETH SHAW  






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Buy wholesale and , not only, SAVE money on great YogaFit merchandise, but also, MAKE money by

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Relief Bead Darfur Bracelets directly supports malnourished children and the only women's center in Darfur. One bracelet provides 2 months of education for 1 child.




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yfcanadaYogaFit Canada

YogaFit Canada


Did you know we have 50+ trainings scheduled in cities right across Canada for 2012 with more being added daily and our very first Canadian MBF in May 2012?

More information can be found: 


We also have a monthly newsletter for YogaFit Canada

To subscribe please email:


YogaFit Canada's first Mind Body Fitness Conference in 2012!

Toronto, Ontario, Canada - May 3-6, 2012

Click here to register!


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