YogaFit Yoga Therapy Online Courses Are Available!

YogaFit Yoga Therapy Online Courses Are Available!


YogaFit Yoga Therapy Online Courses are now available!
By Heidi Dix, YogaFit Yoga Therapy Program Director


As many of you embark on the Yoga Therapy Journey, we would like to highlight a few of the classes that are required for the Therapy Program.  These programs highlighted below are also classes that anyone can take to further their own knowledge and skill.

Yoga Anatomy ONLINE Training with Leslie Kaminoff
Leslie Kaminoff’s Online Training is an in depth online training for yoga and anatomy. 

Curriculum Goals:

Anatomy & Kinesiology
-Understanding asana from the perspective of different body systems and tissues
-Using principles of anatomy and kinesiology to explore and adapt asana
-Integrating principles of anatomy and kinesiology in teaching asana and vinyasa
-Empowering individuals to use their own embodied experiences as a foundation for exploration.

Asana Analysis
-Developing observation skills in relationship to movement and stillness
-Analyzing the effects of different choices in language, focus and orientation
-Exploring how form is shaped by function in different approaches to asana

Transmission Skills
-Finding precision and flexibility in your language
-Becoming mindful of your own preferences and patterns
-Valuing different approaches to transmission and learning
-Distilling your own values and principles

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Whole Being Institute- Positive Psychology Online Course w/ Dr. Tal Ben-Shahar

This 5-week module introduces the emerging field of Positive Psychology—the scientific study of optimal human functioning. YogaFit students are exposed to the theoretical and practical implications of a positive focus, the positivity ratio, dealing with painful emotions through acceptance, gratitude and appreciation, and attaining lasting change.

  • Understand the fundamental ideas of Positive Psychology—and how changing our mindset can change the way we relate to ourselves and others.
  • Increase the “positivity ratio” as a means toward higher levels of creativity, motivation, health, and overall success—in individuals, groups, and organizations.
  • Understand the role of acceptance—of one’s own and others’ emotions—for leading a full and fulfilling life.
  • Recognize the importance of regularly expressing gratitude and maintaining a positive focus by being a “benefit finder.”
  • Learn about the roles of rituals and habits in bringing about lasting change.

Click here to register online at the Whole Being Institutes YogaFit Page.