YogaFit Transformative Certification Program- A Testimonial

YogaFit Transformative Certification Program- A Testimonial

by Dr. Laura Hunt | 15/06/2019

Thank you for creating an inclusive yoga system and for intelligently incorporating a community service component into the essence of the YogaFit program. I traveled from New Mexico in April 2012 to Fort Worth, Texas to attend what has now been for me - a transformative certification program with Ms. Skila Ramirez.


I began my journey with YogaFit as a means to fill a void of inclusive yoga in my community, located in southeastern New Mexico. After conducting the community service component of my YogaFit training, I realized community service was more my calling and a great opportunity to provide servant leadership to underserved populations. YogaFit’s inclusive essence and alignment principles make it easy to serve a variety of populations with differing fitness levels and yoga experience. Through my yoga teaching capacities, I have witnessed the transformation in individuals both - mind and body wellness - as a result of dedicated yoga practice that may not be accessible to them otherwise. I am proud to be a part of YogaFit’s family by extending yoga wellness education in New Mexico.  


Additionally, from a personal perspective, I have reaped many benefits from YogaFit, not only through the physical practice of gaining strength and flexibility, but I have gained more self-awareness through my practice to find stillness and peace in the present moment. Throughout the pursuit of my doctorate degree, I have practiced yoga for mind and body wellness and to balance myself emotionally, spiritually, physically, and mentally. The quest to earn a Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA) has been a difficult feat that took a ton of perseverance and endurance. Practicing yoga helped me center myself so that I could be healthy - both mentally and physically - and have the capacity to balance demanding tasks and also lead a positive lifestyle with my loving husband and wonderful young children (ages - 3 and 4 years old).


I am proud to say I am a pioneer in this beautiful land of enchantment – New Mexico. I was recently recognized as the first DBA graduate from the College of Business Administration, the first doctoral graduate from the University of the Southwest, and the first DBA graduate offered by a primary university campus in the State of New Mexico. I am not sure at this point where the future will lead me, however, I hope to continue my servant leadership through community service and practicing mindfulness in my everyday life. My ultimate goal is to live and enjoy the present moment and allow compassion to continually grow within me – yoga has been the best health resource for me. I hope to meet you someday and continue to grow within YogaFit!


Many thanks.



 Dr. Laura Hunt

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