YogaFit for Warriors: 5 Tips for Soldiers and Civilians

YogaFit for Warriors: 5 Tips for Soldiers and Civilians


YogaFit, the worlds largest yoga school, and leading innovator in the Fitness industry, is known for creating exciting and revolutionary programs. The YogaFit Warriors program was created in 2013 to prepare yoga teachers to bring safe, trauma-sensitive yoga to heal a warrior's body, mind, 

and spirit. YogaFit for Warriors includes five two-day trainings that will equip yoga teachers to serve wounded warriors, emergency responders, as well as all who may suffer from PTSD, stress, anxiety and other mental/physical issues to include family members and other loved ones who have been impacted. The YogaFit for warriors program is offered at a discount and is approved under the GI Bill.


The YogaFit for Warriors program focuses on healing trauma from the standpoint of the central nervous system and is a low impact therapy. Here are some tips to deal with stress from the YogaFit for Warriors program that soldiers and civilians alike can benefit from:


1.       Breathe – take a deep breath from your diaphragm by placing your hands around your lower ribcage and breath in deeply while holding your waist,  as if you have gills. This particular breathing practice will calm you down and put you in touch with your body.


2.       Slow Down! – Occasionally slow down in your movements when you work out, this engages the limbic or emotional brain centers and helps to re-pattern the neural pathways (walking or yoga are great for this re-patterning and are great stress relievers)


3.       Imagery – create a thought, image or word that creates a positive FEELING state in your body – use that as an anchor and think of it often, like when doing mundane tasks, this creates a buffer of positive emotions when life gets chaotic.


4.       Uncoupling - Separate the physical reaction from the emotional reaction when you experience stressful situations or triggers – you can do this through mindful awareness of what is happening in the body through breathing. This will help build toward lessened reactions to stress-triggers.


5.       SMILE – whether you feel like it or not: the muscles in the face are tied to our most advanced neurological system and interestingly enough are directly tied to the muscles in the heart and lungs. Though smiling may not seem like much, it can instantly change your mood.


For more information or to register for the YogaFit Warriors Program please visit or call 888 786 3111


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