Yoga Breathing and Stress Cows

Yoga Breathing and Stress Cows

by Ron Giddings | 17/01/2019

Hello #YogaFitFamily,


If you attended the MBF conference in Spokane, WA in November, you may not have known that there was a large farm convention going on across the hall.  It was interesting to sit in the corner with my pottery and watch the convention goers wander into the Yogafit boutique with bewildered looks, wondering what yoga pants and essential oils had to do with farming.  One individual was talking to Jenny - as everyone does – and explaining that his give-a-way for farmers was a stress cow.  I ended up receiving one, not realizing how important it would become.


What few people knew, by design, is that two weeks after the MBF I was in the hospital having surgery for cancer.  I am happy to say my doctor tells me everything looks good.  I was sent home the next day with an opioid prescription and instructions to use them as often as necessary for pain management.  I took them for one day, then switched to Tylenol.  Since I was flat on my back the pain was intense.  I found that yoga breathing and focusing on the rhythm of my breath while squeezing the life out of my stress cow allowed me to control the pain while staying away from the effects of narcotics.


One of the requirements of recovery was no yoga for eight weeks.  I did my first practice recently; it felt like being embraced by an old friend.  I might be able to touch my toes in a couple of weeks.


The take-a-way for me has been yoga, the mind/body experience that is woven into Yogafit teaching, keeps my life in balance.  Do not wait to tell the people who are important to you about your condition.  The longer you wait, the longer it will take them to process and come to terms with it. 


Crappe Ceramics is taking some time off to assess the direction in which we want to go.  I hope to see some of you at the MBF conference in Seattle in December 2019.


And stress cows are awesome.


Ron - Pottery Guy


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