Rx for the Wrists

Rx for the Wrists

by The YogaFit Team | 17/08/2016

Wrist pain or discomfort is one of the most common complaints we hear from our students—particularly those whose work depends on sitting in front of a computer for hours. And, unfortunately, we know that stiff or sore wrists can make doing certain types of yoga (think vinyasa with its chaturangas, up dogs and down dogs) out of reach for many of them.


Up until now, students have relied on wedges and rolled mats (or blankets) for extra wrist support during yoga. But recently YogaFit discovered an intriguing alternative: WAGS, fingerless leather-and-lycra gloves that are ergonomically designed to support your wrists.


What we really love is the gel pad that fits so snugly in the palm to cushion the impact, the textured leather that prevents slip-sliding out of the pose, and (honestly) the fact that they’re machine-washable. For more information (and volume discounts), email them at info@getwags.com or check out their website (www.wristassuredgloves.com)

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